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Let Your Mind Dream

31 Pinpoints of Light Day 23:

Let your Mind DREAM!

Parents, please...dream! dream of everything for your child even if they can't, it frees your mind to come to the point of seeing what they can!

Round and round the toy record player would spin. I lifted up the needle and gently put it down on the spinning vinyl record. Instantly notes, words, stories, and music would fill the room giving me a pallet on which to paint my world. My light was happy here. Safe here! My stage was a tiled countertop that rested upon the storage cabinets in the backroom or the playroom. My feet would dance along with the tiled countertops to the notes that leaped out of the speakers. My voice would sing the songs over and over again and again. This world of imagination would become so real to me with each retelling and singing of the stories, that

I would be consumed in it for hours. This light was strengthening.

At times my feet were stilled--no music would be playing--but my instead I would be reciting the scripts and dramatic roles of many different characters. I would learn how to warp and twist my feelings to match what they were acting out in the story. I could envision an entire world complete with color, sound, voice, and music. I would act and act to my audience of stuffed animals. I would use my hands to scribble an out a letter--a cry for help--and put it in a bottle so that someone would hear my message. I would look left then right to make sure that I was alone, and then I would drop the bottle into the vast ocean of blue carpet that surrounded my tiled stage and I would hope that someone would read my note as I played the part and character of someone else.

Playing alone was safe and a great way to learn how to create stories, start writing and find my light. I was in the joy of my light when I would play like this. I would play like this for hours. I was alone but not alone. I was developing my light, my love, my ability to understand myself. I loved to play and pretend. I knew that I was deeply loved. This feeling was my baseline of love and light!

If you would like to learn more about how to dream and draw on the power of creation here is my podcast

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