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Follow the Prompting and Light will Follow!

How many of you have ever had that nudge, that thought, or that still small voice pop up in your head or heart? It left you with an action to do. How many of you follow that?

Friday night as I was listening to Skip Prichard share his powerful speech and light with all of us before the Author Academy Awards, I was impressed to sign my book and get it into his hands--that night!

You might be thinking ok, so, who is Skip Prichard? Who cares right? Well here is the background on Skip:

One of 6 children, his parents felt called to serve missions in their own home helping drug addicts, alcoholics, and people with mental health challenges to stay with them and find their way. Skip learned great lessons on how to serve and love others. not make the same mistakes--more about that later.

He has gone on to become COO and then as president and "CEO of Ingram Content Group Inc., a print and digital services supplier to the book industry." That is who I use to get my books printed and disturbed. He was also responsible for the $1.5 billion global enterprises that included Ingram Book Group, VitalSource, Coutts Information Services, and Ingram Library Services." (see Wikipedia)

"The Harvard Business Review noted Prichard as "standout example" of CEO engagement on social media, writing that he "blogs on leadership and shares insights from his favorite authors – often with no direct benefit to him or his organization." (See Wikipedia)

"In 2017, Prichard published The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future, based on stories culled from interviews of "over a thousand unbelievably successful people ranging from politicians to news anchors to sports heroes." Prichard said, "I wrote it from the mistake angle because I actually learned as much, if not more, from people talking about their mistakes. All of us make mistakes, and the wisdom from these mistakes is often more valuable than advice from the super successful." (See Wikipedia)


What happened next? All of the How? When? Where? and questions started piling in my brain--then doubt tried to follow, but I took a deep breath and dashed out the door following the awards clutching the book in my hands.

I didn't even know where I was running to but I ran. I stood and suddenly Skip and Kary Oberbrunner (My publisher who started Author Academy Elite) started walking in a swift clip down the hallway towards a book signing.

I practically ran into him (I felt like I was pushed actually), and stumbled, "I felt impressed to give you a copy of my book. Thank you for your work. You are amazing."

He smiled took the book and dashed to the table. I thought, "there. I followed the prompting" and left it at that. I figured he would be leaving after Friday and that would be that.

However, on October 27th, a Sabbath day at 3:00 pm break, Skip Pritchard came up to me saying that he has been looking for me. He wanted to tell me something. What fell out of his mouth filled me with energy, humility, and shock! "I finished your book this morning. I couldn't put it down! I had to know how it ended. It READ like a Cinema movie!" I just had no words! I didn't know how to respond.

I stammered out thank you! He then wanted to meet Scott and know if he was real! If he really was real! We all laughed and stared and I chocked back a few tears. Skip then went on to say more about the book. He said he understood my ex-husband. He said he knew him--referring to when he was growing up his mom and dad would help people who were addicts and who were mentally ill--so he saw the signs and could understand him perfectly.

Skip then went on to say that he handed the book to his wife and said, you must read through this today. You won't be able to put it down.

Again, I was so shocked and on cloud 9 that I just felt so honored and humbled. Scott caught the review of the book on video. Skip Prichard--reviewing my book.

How did this book happen in the first place? Through Author Academy Elite and Kary Oberbrunner my publisher. I could not have faced doing a self published book----I needed help and I found it.

I knew my story would help women and families. I knew that it would bring hope too many. I new that I needed to share. In that sharing, I found two other authors needing help. Carla Nina and Maleah Day Warner are now authors with AAE.

BUT MOST importantly they will share their stories with the world and make the conversation for change happen. Look.

One story impacted two. Now two are free and one from there is now sharing her story of abuse to help others. It is real power. My book and now her book will offered real hope. And we can make real Change!

****Side note*** I now have a SCREENWRITER Looking at Pinpoints of Light Escaping the Abyss of Abuse! Wha????? yes! CRAZY!!

If anything in this post has made you stop and think, then listen to that. If it has brought a face to your mind for someone to share it with, then follow that. It's been a wild week, and I've been prompted to share this with all of you. Anyway, Please know that this info is free, and if it is something that you want then you know what to do. If it is not your time, then follow that. Anyway all my love you!

Click here to join the Webinar to find out how it can work for you.

Love and Light everyone.


ps. If you respond and want to see the interview with me. I'd love to share!

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