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How to Live 10 Years instead of Living the Same Year 10 times!

10 for 10,000 Light the World Day 56 New decade, new Goals. New focus.

2020 A Daily Decade of Focus! How to Live 10 years instead of Living the Same Year 10 X’s? How to Live a Daily Decade! (Interested?? Keep reading!) Who is ready to really start the new decade off with a fresh start but also an overall focus of improvement? Let’s start it off with the focus in 5 areas. You can count to five! I know you can do this. Object lesson time! You have a canning jar. You have 5 rocks, a bowl of smaller rocks, a cup of sand, and some water. Here is the catch, everything has to fit into the jar. How do you go about doing it? Start with sand? Small rocks? Big Rocks? Water? No. We must fill the jar with the 5 Big Rocks. These Rocks are: 1) Your Faith, 2) Your Health, 3) Your Relationships, 4) Your Light (self-worth), 5) Long Term Goals. That’s it. Everyday. If you place those 5 rocks in your Jar every day then the small rocks (cleaning, work, paying bills, etc), sand, (the “to do” list), and water (the rest of life) in that order every day you will be focused on your Daily Decade Goal. Today is Dec 26! You have 5 days to develop, practice, and build the habits before the New Year starts. During my time in my abusive marriage, all I could do was survive. There would have been no way I could have understood how to set this mindset practice. But slowly, bit by bit over the past few years, I have learned the power that these pinpoints of light gave to me. Now, I am living the life that God gave to me to best that I can because I know my worth, my value, I know His love, I share that Lord to all of you and know that through my faith in Him everything can happen. How to live your daily decade means to put into practice a Mindset Routine. 1) Pray: thanking God for all you have Gratitude first, then ask for help with your needs, your wants, or for others. 2) Feed and be nourished with the Word of God/pondering/journaling. 3) Repeat, write, Tap your affirmations, “Even though I am challenged with ______ I still love and accept myself for_____.” 4) Look at the 5 foundations of your life (faith, Health, relationships, light/self-worth, and Long Term Goals) and take a step in the right direction for each one of these. For example, Faith--serve someone. Health--eat more veggies today than you did yesterday. Relationships--hug your significant other for longer than you normally do. Your Light--list 2 positives affirmations you did. Long Term Goals--look at one goal and see how you are coming with it. Here are two great assessment questions to ask yourself to help you stay focused. What helped me get closer to this? What got in my way? ***WARNING*** When you ask yourself these questions, please remember to be kind and give yourself grace. This is not the time to beat yourself up. This IS the time to look at where you got distracted or when life happened, and make the choice to do it differently the next time. Ok. So, we are going to keep this simple to make progress towards your daily decade. Keep your 5 in your daily focus and set them into your jar first. I promise you that everything else will fall into place and you will have room for it. These daily decade focuses are for you so that you can live your best life. Call to action: write down your 5 and become aware of needs and take action over the next 5 days to become the Beacon of Light you can be through this Daily Decade Process. Click on the link below to know more #lighttheworld #10for10000 #pinpointsoflight

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