5 ways to Crush Goals & Stay Focused

10 for 10,0000 It begins!

A New Decade is here!

Are you ready to make the 20’s into the Roaring 20’S? Let’ do it!

A few weeks ago I shared this:

Top 5 Rocks that let everything Roll.

These are the foundation of life. Here is a quick reminder: 1) Faith, 2) Health, 3) Relationships, 4) Your Light (self-worth), 5) Long Term Goals. (*These rocks are the foundation. You need to prioritize the first in order to complete the 5 Ways to Crush Your Goals at the end of the article! wink!)

These match up nicely to my Faith’s teachings with our Youth Program to strengthen their testimony in Jesus Christ. (Spiritual, Social, Physical, and Intellectual). So since we have support in the Lord for this let's do some reflection and see where this takes us.

I did some serious reflection on the past 4.5 decades that I’ve gone around the sun. I won’t go take you all the way back there, I’ll just reflect on the 10’s! (I know, I still think it sounds weird to say "10's").

My 10’s were a decade of healing for my family and for me personally. (After going through a decade of abuse, it was time to go through a decade of healing).

Here is what went down.

  • We added 4 more children to the family (9! my own baseball team!)

  • I started the process of loving husband and myself (it was tough work leaving my comfort cage and entering into my Learning Zone. However, it was the inspiration for my second book that will come out in 2020!)

  • Test of Faith: Satan NEVER stops on the hunt to destroy us--Don’t be fooled!

  • We discovered that 2 of our 9 children were born deaf and one has autism as well.

  • We started learning ASL (American Sign Language)

  • We were prompted to move to Texas for better education for our deaf daughters

  • I began teaching at Texas School for the Deaf

  • My husband and I started our own businesses

  • Started Ever Learning University with Scriptures, audiobooks, and Blogs as our professors

  • I finally got brave and wrote my book Pinpoints of Light about the decade of abuse

  • And…..so much more.

Well, it’s 1/1/2020

What will happen, in the next decade? Only the Lord knows, but, as a family, we have discussed goals and plans for it. We also Pray for direction in it