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5 ways to Crush Goals & Stay Focused

10 for 10,0000 It begins!

A New Decade is here!

Are you ready to make the 20’s into the Roaring 20’S? Let’ do it!

A few weeks ago I shared this:

Top 5 Rocks that let everything Roll.

These are the foundation of life. Here is a quick reminder: 1) Faith, 2) Health, 3) Relationships, 4) Your Light (self-worth), 5) Long Term Goals. (*These rocks are the foundation. You need to prioritize the first in order to complete the 5 Ways to Crush Your Goals at the end of the article! wink!)

These match up nicely to my Faith’s teachings with our Youth Program to strengthen their testimony in Jesus Christ. (Spiritual, Social, Physical, and Intellectual). So since we have support in the Lord for this let's do some reflection and see where this takes us.

I did some serious reflection on the past 4.5 decades that I’ve gone around the sun. I won’t go take you all the way back there, I’ll just reflect on the 10’s! (I know, I still think it sounds weird to say "10's").

My 10’s were a decade of healing for my family and for me personally. (After going through a decade of abuse, it was time to go through a decade of healing).

Here is what went down.

  • We added 4 more children to the family (9! my own baseball team!)

  • I started the process of loving husband and myself (it was tough work leaving my comfort cage and entering into my Learning Zone. However, it was the inspiration for my second book that will come out in 2020!)

  • Test of Faith: Satan NEVER stops on the hunt to destroy us--Don’t be fooled!

  • We discovered that 2 of our 9 children were born deaf and one has autism as well.

  • We started learning ASL (American Sign Language)

  • We were prompted to move to Texas for better education for our deaf daughters

  • I began teaching at Texas School for the Deaf

  • My husband and I started our own businesses

  • Started Ever Learning University with Scriptures, audiobooks, and Blogs as our professors

  • I finally got brave and wrote my book Pinpoints of Light about the decade of abuse

  • And… much more.

Well, it’s 1/1/2020

What will happen, in the next decade? Only the Lord knows, but, as a family, we have discussed goals and plans for it. We also Pray for direction in it. Bring on the 20’s!

2020-2029--remember these goals over the next 10 years…..

  • More Temple Attendance

  • More time with family because of business success

  • Building a stronger and more righteous family (constant vigilance on Christ!)

  • Health, health, health! May we get better and stronger at it.

  • Publish Book number 2: Out of Darkness: Finding, Fueling, and Living in Your Light

  • Make Pinpoints of Light into a movie and help millions to find light & hope to end abuse

  • Complete six more of my own books

  • Win Book Awards

  • Watch my Beacon of Light Writes Services get to and stay in strong 6 figures

  • Help my husband write his book

  • Continue with our Ever Learning University in the Scriptures, Good Books, and Blogs

  • Watch my adult children get married, so grandkids will happen. (God bless them)

  • Watch more of my children graduate and enter into successful adulting while the younger ones take on High school. (God bless them)

  • Travel, Travel, Travel (God bless safety in this)

  • More kids learning how to drive (God Bless us! Deep breath!)

  • Temple Goal to visit 50 temples in 50 different places

What are some of your goals? I know it might be tempting to look and start listening to your inner critic (I call it the Shame Shadow© and I can't wait to share it all with you in my new book). Don't let the Shame Shadow© start to bash you with the whole comparison crap.

STOP!! Take a deep breath: in (1, 2, 3, 4) and out (1, 2, 3, 4--repeat if necessary).

What are some of your ways to prepare for your next best Decade?

Here are 5 ways to Crush Goals & Stay Focused

1. Pray/Meditate/Ponder: This step is very individualized and can start at any age. You can feel what is right for you and then act on it by writing it down.

2. DREAM! :) If you had a blank slate and no worries, what is that you want? Think and write that out. Then sketch out ideas of how those plans can work. Remember that there are 10 years in a decade so reverse engineer it! See your ending point and work back to the starting line and you will see the steps you need to take. Play with it! (This is fun--so have fun!)

3. Keep the Big Rocks as your Foundation! I shared this a few days ago but here it is if you missed it. Think about a big Mason jar and placing your 5 foundation rocks in it. Next, add your pebbles, (daily goals, cleaning, work, paying bills, etc), then sand (the “to do” list), then water (the rest of life) to fill in the gaps all around it.

4. FORGIVE & GRACE! Forgive yourself and others! Extend love and grace to yourself and others! After all, we are all going to mess up, so cry for 10 minutes, scream in a pillow, say you’re sorry, and do better the next day. “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.”

5. Never QUIT! The guarantee that your goals will never happen is if you quit! If you keep at it every day, then you will see the progress and the learns and gains.

That’s it! That is how you can CRUSH your goals for 2020!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Have a great day, year, and decade.

Remember, you have the power to dream so, do it! Match it with your faith and work ethic and you will see miracles!

Show Up Shining--I'm praying for you!


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