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Above the Chatter, Our Words Matter

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Guest Blog post by Bruce Pulver* excerpts taken from his website

Have you ever faced a significant challenge? When that happens, do you say positive words to your soul or allow the negative voice to shatter who you are? You have a choice on who you will listen to. I hope you will find a positive light in your life! 

The words we say to ourselves and to others directly impact our thoughts, emotions, intentions, actions, and ultimately, our outcomes.

Disruptive chatter can block the line of sight of our goals. We often don’t notice the distraction because chatter is so pervasive.

We can choose our path and minimize unwanted influences by choosing positive, uplifting words. Above the Chatter, Our Words Matter shares over 400 powerful, meaningful words and messages that can take us toward the desired outcomes.

I wish for this book to impact setting your intentions and provide a way for you to become and stay focused on realizing your dreams.

I have used these messages personally to improve my outlook, perspective, attitude, and philosophy in life. 

Through this growth and transformation, I have seen my results reach increasingly greater levels. I know first-hand how words, thoughts, and how we speak to ourselves ultimately drive intentions, actions, dedication, and outcomes.

I was forced into an unexpected career transition (a layoff), and it was imperative I muster the strength to find a new way of providing for my family. How can I maintain a positive outlook after being “let go” and forced to deal with the cruel reality of landing a new job, position, and career? 

One morning, a single message awakened me and pounded in my head. “I must be STRONG for my family.” I quickly reached for my nightstand journal and wrote S-T-R-O-N-G:






Go for it

From that morning’s S-T-R-O-N-G message, a daily writing routine began. Each day delivered a new message and forced me to pause, think, and frame a positive expectation for the day. Each message guided my thoughts, intentions, and actions as I sought the new opportunity that would offer even greater potential. 

I shared the messages daily with my family.

Together, we formed an unstoppable optimism to persevere. We learned to take any setback and make it our springboard, lifting us above any potentially adverse situation.

Within 45 days, I landed a fantastic position with a great company. The messages continued to flow and motivate me to work hard to make good things happen in my new role.

My writing emerged out of necessity yet lasted four hundred consecutive days. They became a joyful routine of finding more inspiration and strength. Everything I learned in those days created something inspiring.

Please join us on the Beacon of Light Podcast on Nov 28th at 6:30 pm Mountain time to learn how your words matter!

Added information:

When a BAM moment finds you. 

Life is cruising along, and by most measures, all is good in the world.  The job is cooking well, health and fitness seem great, and relationships are meaningful and growing.  Then, one day, BAM, something happens that completely changes the trajectory of our life. 

What is it?  A diagnosis, a terrible accident, a relationship breaking up, loss of a loved one, career crumbling.  Nothing expected, not planned, and certainly, we might say not deserved.  

My Family’s BAM Moment  

It’s called a dissecting aortic aneurysm, and many nurses have told me they have seen patients suffering one leave the Emergency Room but NEVER leave the hospital.   

Us, it was a different story. My mother’s occurred when she went into labor with me.  Never had a mother or baby survived beyond 72 hours in the history of medical record keeping. She did when God showed up in a big way. The visiting surgeons teaching at the local medical school had just perfected a procedure for repairing aortic valve tears. They jumped into action. Eighteen pints of blood were needed to sustain her on the heart lunch machine. Fifteen church members showed up at the hospital to donate theirs.  

She battled for 60 days, undergoing three experimental surgeries, and emerged fully restored, able to be the woman, mother, and wife she had dreamed of.

BAM Moment #2

Fast forward, the passing years can dim the realization of a miracle.  Blessings can be taken for granted, right?  

My BAM moment  #2 came amidst a massive job layoff from a 25-year career I had loved and felt very fulfilled.  I cried out for GOD to intervene in some way that would make sense of this chaos.   He came to my rescue again.  My life was changed in that moment. He awakened me to his purpose for my life and gifted me with a new path I did not know its destination or the encounters I would meet along the way.

One outcome of this transformation became a book of one-word inspirations and encouragement messages called “Above The Chatter, Our Words Matter,” containing over 400 original acrostic messages written daily to keep me focused on being positive and working to be stronger and finding a new purpose that will help others during their BAM moments.  

An acoustic is a message extracted from a single word or phrase; the word can come to life through merely its letters.  Three examples that helped me during this time (and still do) are:  

FAITH  Facing Anything Insurmountable Trust Him 

GIFTS  God Installed Features To Share

CALM  Catch A Little Moment

Another learning moment was the calling to be the Tom’s Shoes and Bombas of the Encouragement World by donating a book for each one sold. Over 3,000 organizations and individuals have been given a copy of the book to date.  Examples include shelters, hospitals, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, senior care facilities, veterans support groups, and more. 

He has provided the Ted Talk stage, Podcast guesting, and hosting and speaking to audiences (virtual and in-person) on over five continents and in 50 countries to share that the power of a single word can change or even save a life.  

So, what is the message I want to share? A stumbling block can become a stepping stone used for good.  We can see our background and past experiences as baggage or seek ways to let God use them as a treasure chest for serving and aiding others who might be experiencing their own BAM moments.

In closing, I have experienced moments in life where I wanted to crawl into a hole and say, “Whoa is me.”  But through the power of our words and how we use them in self-talk as well as in speaking aloud, my desire for a closer walk with God has taught me, “WOW, is HE.”

Bruce Pulver is a professional speaker, author, podcaster, and TedX speaker, "Above The Chatter, Our Words Matter." 

Bruce's Website (Speaking Engagements and Books) 

Bruce's TEDx Talk

"Can I Have A Word With You?" Bruce's Podcast

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