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Are Today’s Doctors Getting Paid to Help Us or to Harm Us?

by Karen Creamer

Are today’s doctors getting paid to help us or to harm us?

Like many of you, I used to believe the former. After over three decades in healthcare, I’m not so sure anymore.

If someone in the family got sick, we called the doctor. We’d be told what to do and do it without question. Sometimes everything turned out fine, as evidenced by the resolution of the illness.

When I was in my early teens, my mother took me to a dermatologist for a rash. The doctor diagnosed something, and the prescribed treatment (because you will always get something) made the symptoms worse.

After two weeks, we went back to the doctor’s office, and this time I was seen by a different doctor in practice, who said the first doctor was wrong. He diagnosed something else and prescribed something else.

Another doctor had a different opinion, leading to another diagnosis and a different treatment. The condition eventually healed, whether because of the treatment or despite it, there is no way of knowing.

It has become plain to me that a doctor’s (or any healthcare practitioner’s) opinion is their personal opinion. It’s not fact. It might be correct. It might not be. You will be the one who will either benefit or suffer from this if you follow their advice. You are the one who will be left holding the bag, so to speak, and sometimes it is a very expensive bag.

This is why I coach people to question everything regarding their medical care. Question everything you are told and question all the information you are given.

  • Who is this medical professional?

  • What are their credentials?

  • Why are they qualified to make this diagnosis or that treatment recommendation?

  • How did they come to this opinion?

  • What do they want you to do?

  • When and for how long do they want you to do it?

  • If you decide to follow their advice (and it is your decision), how might it help you, and perhaps more importantly, how might it harm you?

I sometimes hear people say that they don’t want to know the side effects of medicine because if they knew, they would never take it. Is this you? Are you giving away your control over your health and well-being?

It’s standard practice now to get a second--or even a third or fourth-- opinion about any significant health condition. There are definite benefits to doing this.

I teach people not to forget the most important opinion of all: your own. When you start to value your authority--your inner voice--first, before any perceived external authority, that’s how you begin to honor your health.

Be brave—question everything. Trust yourself first.

Are you ready to pull yourself out of the quagmire of fear to begin making choices that align with your goals? Are you brave enough to start working through the conditioning that has you trapped so you can advocate for yourself in the healthcare system?

Regarding some medical interventions recently promoted by television, local businesses, and perhaps even one’s employer, I have heard people say, “I don’t have a choice,” which is never true.

The “You don’t have a choice” story is one that you’ve been told repeatedly until you internalized it, and now you tell this story to yourself. You believe it. It’s a voice that you hear in your head that sounds like yours, but it is not.

It’s an external voice that you have internalized and adopted as accurate. And when you believe it is true and make decisions based on this story, again, you are giving your power away.

A way to take control of your health is to think about using holistic healing methods to get and stay well. If you aren’t sure how to start, then my book, “Honor Your Health,” can help you!

In the book, you’ll find brief introductions to many holistic therapies, such as acupuncture and Reiki. You’ll also learn about tools, such as mind mapping, that can help you start making decisions that reflect what is true and what matters to you.

Whether it be regarding organ donation, cancer treatment, or invasive experimental medical procedures, or even screening tests that are referred to as “routine,” who knows better than you what is right for you?

You do have a choice. Make it count.

Karen Creamer, RN, is a Holistic Health Coach and the author of “Honor Your Health.” She is also the author of two novels, “One Brave Thing” and “What if Bebe Stays with Steven?

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