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Because I Left Domestic Violence Blessing #5,358

Because I Left Domestic Violence Blessing number 5,358: ACCEPTANCE.


How does it feel to be Rejected? The range of emotions can go from confusion to sadness to rage! Why do we as humans need acceptance? Because we need to belong to one another. That is why we have families, societies, and communities. It is for survival but also to help us THRIVE!

Can ACCEPTANCE and Rejection happen in other realms of our lives? Yes. Absolutely. And...I'm going to share with you my story.

Story Time

Imagine bidding on a house, getting your offer accepted, feeling thankful, blessing and excited only to get bumped 4 days later because another offer was better. It's crushing. Like it was a grieving process for me.

But then, once you go through the wave of grief to hear that you might have a shot at the first house and so you offer again! Emotions of hope, and prayer, and fasting, and everything you can imagine is happening. Then no real word for SEVEN weeks.

So we made another offer on a DIFFERENT home. I stopped hoping for the first home and just wanted to be accepted by they this home. It was looking great! But then............we got outbid on that second home; Rejected! I was crushed again. It was like the Lighthouse went out, and we were tossed in a raging sea with no direction.

Since June 5th, we've looked at over 29 properties. My little light was getting dim with each rejection, and it was hard to amplify others with all the disappointment. But I did my best to keep on shining through the storm. August..........With a LOT of Prayers and at week NINE of this crazy adventure, AND with school starting in 10 days, we decided to start looking at homes, AGAIN. It was a bit like reliving another nightmare—complete with ghosts, horror shows....I swear it was like the Shining!!! (Ok, maybe not that bad, but I think you heard the sarcasm in that, right?)

We met with our realtor again. Is it groundhog day?? Anyway, I looked at the address. Fillmore Street? Fillmore? Really? I grew up on Fillmore Avenue in Ogden Utah...Check out the cute house I grew up in.

We walked through the home on Fillmore Street, and I just had a feeling. It was that "This will be the home" kind of feeling. We made an offer. It was accepted that day.

So what does it feel like to be accepted? I felt a sense of euphoria when our house bid was finally accepted! FINALLY!! The wait, the ups and downs, and the homeless feeling are over. Now, Is it everything we wanted, well no? But is it everything that He needed us to have? Yes.

God's will

Here was what was in my heart: Front living room, a dining room, a fireplace, five bedrooms, at least 2.5 bathrooms, a Garage/outside space for my husband, a finished yard, office space for me, office space for Scott, outside cover deck, a basement, gas heater, AC, nice concrete driveway, newer plumbing and wiring, new roof and no flooding.

The answer to all of that has been YES. There was a bonus blessing too. I have adult children who still need to be supported independence, and our new home is within walking distance of their home. That is tender mercy.

Also, our deaf girls and our hearing boys all have transportation to their new schools in Gooding. We still go to church in Gooding so, things are good? Haha. WOOT!

So again, with the sellers accepting our offer, it was EUPHORIA to know that 1) we have a home to move to. 2) it is spacious for our needs, 3) it is going to happen before interest rates rise again, and 4) we feel peaceful about it.

ACCEPTANCE whether it is in life relationships or buying a home. It is really a big deal to be ACCEPTED.

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