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Because I Left Domestic Violence Blessing # 5,821: Hecklers

Three Quick Tips on How to Stop Listening to Hecklers.

By April Tribe Giauque

Have you ever been heckled in your lifetime? No? Then you might not have lived long enough to realize that they are everywhere? However, my gut and life experiences tell me you have been.

Hecklers shout at you, they try to increase your shame or fear, and they do it with insults, looks scoffs, and scorns. Hecklers seem to have all the answers or advice for your life, and unfortunately, they never stop. Are they pushing your buttons? Do they know exactly what to say to get to you? Well, have hope and faith and keep reading. I’ll share some secrets to help—I promise I won’t leave you in despair).

"Ask a Heckler to identify himself or his company; they usually prefer to be anonymous." --Judi Moreo

Ouch, so true! The group at large might not ever know who your hecklers are, but you do. Many hecklers are anonymous, which makes it tough to have those hard conversations with them to silence them, but dang it, they just keep firing away.

Do they interrupt your life?

Do you listen to it?

How do you tune it out?

An essential fact to tuning it out is not to listen to them. I know, I know. You were ready for the earth-shattering answer/quick-fix-tip that was going to blow you away! But really, that’s just it. You make a choice not to listen. Let me give you an example that happened last night.


Last night I dreamt about a heckler who was in my life a few years ago. The activity in my dream was that I had to take a golf club and chip the ball into the hole that was 50 yards away. I was not a golfer, but this had to happen for me to “move on in the dream.” As I took a few practice swings, I could see that I was not going to make it—after all, this was the first time I had picked up a club ever.

The heckler was trying to push my buttons, interrupt my life, and was trying to increase my fear, pain, and shame. He was subtle yet divisive. He never stopped his barrage of words that were specially designed to upset me, and his jaw muscles tightened yet always pulled back to a smile. I noticed others around me whose heads would turn towards him because of his words. I could hear their thoughts as well.

“He’s said that to me, too.”

My gut was pinging—it was upset, not from food, but for the negative language that the heckler was using. As I heard the words and others heard it, that was a warning. Suddenly my dream-self started telling myself to follow my gut.

As I took a few practice swings at the ball, I could see that I was not going to make it—after all, this was the first time I had picked up a club ever. My gut warned me, and he never stopped his barrage of words specially designed to upset me.

What I found interesting was watching what I did next in the dream. I put down the club and physically removed myself from the sounds of the heckler. I turned and walked in the opposite direction. Suddenly, I could see many other people holding clubs designed to do the same task. But others were milling around them and saying degrading things to those people. My heckler turned and started in on three other people immediately.

My feet carried me to my childhood home, and I looked up to find a night sky filled with stars, and yet it felt like a day. How? Suddenly I realized the positive and peaceful words and feelings I had inside me that were shining outwardly, making me feel like it was daytime. My physical walk helped me get away from him, but I noticed that if I looked away from my inward feeling, I could start to hear the heckler again—all-be-it he was far away.

I noted that, and I quickly shut out the shouts and jeers by choosing to. Soon the words were quieted—but not gone. My mind started to pour into me positivity and light. It came from within, and at first, It was small—like a pinpoint—and then it grew brighter and brighter. Why? Because I made a choice to whom I would listen to him or my positive self?

Suddenly I noticed a few others around me again, and as they stood there, they had pinpoints of light on them, yet they were reflecting and amplifying one another. I noticed that I was also shining and reflective of their light. The light danced around us, and suddenly, I woke up.


As I got out of bed and walked towards my alarm, I knew I needed to share this dream with y'all. That easier said than done, right? Well, that might be true, but nothing worth fighting for was easy. So, I sat down and started writing and realized the Three Quick TIPS on How to Stop Listening to Hecklers begin.

Here are Three Quick tips on How to Stop Listening to Hecklers.

  1. Start by learning how to tune into your gut. If your gut is warning you, follow that! I always say:

"God gave you your gut, so USE IT!"
  1. Choose to stop listening. At first, that might mean physically and mentally removing yourself from a room, putting down the phone, or walking away. I tell my clients:

"You can’t always choose your circumstances, but you can always choose your attitude."
  1. Replace the noise from the outside with light from your insides. Work on filling yourself with truth, with positive words of affirmation, light, and love. Write them down, post them around until you work them into the very fiber of your being. Add to them daily because, like acid rain, hecklers will try to wear you down but wash and preserve yourself with positive light. As Glinda the good witch of the North said:

You had the power all along, my dear. You just have to learn it for yourself.”

Because I Left Domestic Violence Blessing number 5,821: Hecklers: You know who they are in your life. So 1) follow your gut, 2) stop listening, and 3) fill yourself with light!

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