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Because I Left Domestic Violence Blessing # 5,842: Learning Zone

Because I left Domestic Violence Blessing number 5,842: Learning Zone

by April Tribe Giauque

Learning Zone:

The Learning Zone—the LZ—this is our “arena.” This is the place where we are tested--a place to prove ourselves if we are willing to choose right from wrong—a place to choose our response and reactions to life. Here we are vulnerable: our weaknesses are revealed, yet through our weaknesses, our strengths are revealed, and we gain wins and learns.

In our vulnerability, we learn the true meaning of courage of bravery, and we learn how to overcome the challenges that we face. We are guided by light—by God or you could say a higher power, in the Learning Zone. I know that this Higher Power is God, and He never leaves us.

Now, He will not interrupt the learning process, but He is right beside us. Though we may struggle to learn the reason for us experiencing what we need to in the LZ, but know that it is for our own good.

That passage is pulled straight from my book, Out of Darkness: Find, Fuel, and Light in Your Light. Guys, we all know when we are in the Learning Zone and yet, we often try to run back to the Comfort Cage because all this learning can really hurt. Well, that’s true. That is life. That is how we learn.

Momma’s Heart

Here’s where my momma's heart is at today: I’m thinking about life and how my kids are living in it, how I’m living in it, and how my husband is living in it.I believe that we are here to find our way back to Heavenly Father and how we respond, react, or serve in life is our “test.” I look at my kids and love each one of them. I cry for some of the choices they’ve made, laugh at others, and see amazing things happening in their life as well. It’s the ups and downs of life.

In the Learning Zone, I have been given perspective and time to think about these choices. The answer that I have been given is to love them and not judge them. Ok, so watching them fall and get beat up by life stinks, but they have the agency to make those choices.

My opportunity as a mom is to let them know I’m still here. I didn’t leave them. I’m on the sidelines praying like crazy for them, and when they look back and reach out, I want them to know I’m here. It’s like I can listen, I can help, but I can’t force or manipulate them. Hopefully, I’ve taught them well.


You see, my mind works on two-time frames: Eternal Time and then the moments we are experiencing now. I can’t change what happened in the past, so I don’t give too much energy to it, but I do look back to see what I have learned from it. That is what the learning zone does. It teaches you in your vulnerability—your wins and learns. They aren’t losses, mistakes, or failures that will condemn us unless we give them the power to do that. They are true learns.


Then in the Learning Zone–we can have incredible WINS! I started to ask, what have been my wins? Well I found some old picture of a few wins:

And then how I have helped authors complete their books, and bring them out to shine!

And that brought me to these wins: This brought me to reading, looking, and watching different videos of my kids and all the great things they have done over the years. I started with my oldest and enjoyed clips from his 8th grade play. And enjoyed the light and the fun that came during that time. Ah! Yes! That was nice! See, great place the learning Zone can be—WINS!


What is your top Learning Zone win of the week?

What is your Learning Zone win of the day?

What is your Learning Zone win this morning?

You have them. Look. Look again; they are there. List them out, snap a picture of them. Capture it. Remember it. And enjoy the light that comes from it. This is your LZ! Now leave your cage and get out there and learn!

If you feel you need help with your writing and your light contact me here! I'l love to help you through your learning zone and have a powerful book in the end!

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