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Because I Left Domestic Violence Blessing Number 5,365

Because I left Domestic Violence Blessing number 5,365: Golden Nuggets.

Golden Nuggets

Golden Nuggets are that particular part of life that comes to you in surprise and excellent timing. They can be a gift from a friend, a special birthday, a trip that you thought would never happen, etc. But what happens when you see the Golden nuggets in your life and don’t take advantage of them? You might have times in your life that you finally figure out that they were there for you after you have passed a few of them by. They were gifts, and now, you can’t get them back?


When my husband was a 14-year-old Boy Scout, they had an activity called the Golden Nuggets. He led a troop on a hike, and throughout the walk, the troops would be tempted by their leaders with different things, water, food, candy, and so forth. However, if they waited till the end, they would be able to get the GRAND AWARD—the Golden Nugget!

They hiked and hiked, passing up treats, water, etc., and held firm until the end! The Scout leaders were so impressed with their tenacity because they never once yielded to the temptations. (Great job, honey!) However, when the end of the hike came, they were given the Golden Nugget, which was a ton of candy. My husband convinced the troop that there must be something even better than this. They all turned down the candy and waited for another 30 minutes for the actual Golden Nugget. The adult leader was dumbfounded because that bag of candy was the Golden Nugget. In the end, my husband and the troop ended up with nothing.


How many of us in our lives do this? We pass by the Golden Nuggets thinking that there is something better over the hill or that the grass is greener on the other side? Honestly, this move has been a serious of Golden Nuggets that we have passed by.



Are they the Golden Nuggets that have been lost, or was it just God’s timing? Here are a few examples: We bought a home in Gooding and then were outbid by another offer. Then we made an offered another home, but the Realtor never sent the offer in, and we lost that home.

Then we came upon two GOLDEN DOODLE puppies on a trip to Utah. (SIDE NOTE—my golden doodle died in January 2021, when 11 of us had Covid, and my mom was in the hospital with it. I was 1500 miles away from home, and my two oldest children had to deal with the death. It was so traumatic). But because we had no home in Twin Falls this summer and lived in a rental, we could not take the puppies. A literal Golden moment lost….forever.


This summer has been filled with these Golden Nuggets—just like my husband’s hike. It’s been our inside joke. However, now with thirteen weeks being homeless, we found ourselves asking where they really missed opportunities or was it God’s timing? Like anything, we look back on our lives, and we can see the Golden nuggets that we passed by have actually led us to the jackpot.

We have made an offer on a home that was accepted, passed inspection, and we close on September 2nd. We have a place for our adult children to practice being adults. My 20-year-old found a job as a welder. My 23 year old just became a manager at work. My 17-year-old daughter was accepted into the school and found a part-time job. My boys were accepted into a charter school. My Teaching Licence was FOUND from Texas, and all of my 15 years counted, giving us the same income in Idaho that I had in Texas. My writing business and supports for authors and women who left domestic Violence are going steady.

Did you count how many Golden nuggets that was? Like eight to ten! My point? Count your blessings. The Golden Nuggets will return and be the jackpot.

Amplify Your Light!

Forever Shining,


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