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Because I Left Domestic Violence Blessing Number 5,372: Leadership

Because I Left Domestic Violence Blessing number 5,372: Leaders.

True leaders motivate and never manipulate. True leaders lead with their light. True leaders amplify others. But most of all, leaders never go alone. Leaders are with people. Leaders choose to take people with them. They reflect the group’s light and amplify each member individually. We all have light, but when we come together, we show our mirror/lens towards others and actually stretch their light by adding value to them.

Have you ever watched a marathon race or been in a race yourself? Have you been at the finish line as runners race, shuffle, or limp across the line? You have? Me too. We cheer, praise, encourage, motivate, and uplift the runners so that they can cross the line they have trained so hard to get to. But in many races, we see something exciting taking place.

About 20 minutes behind the winner of the race, a group of runners will come across the finish line nearly altogether. Why? There is usually a leader in the group, and they choose to add value by staying with their group. They motivate, cheer, encourage and uplift their people as they choose to cross the finish line together. The bottom line, if you are a leader, you take people with you.

As a Beacon, I’m all about amplification. That means it can be reflected and be amplified. How? Light is reflected, and the wave is intensified with mirrors, prisms, and lenses to amplify the wave. The wave is stretched, and yet the light does not thin--it maintains the brightness and is, in fact, amplified. Lighthouses use this method to shoot the light of an oil lamp to beam up to twenty miles! That is true power.

Think about the light you have inside of you. Think about how you can fuel it. Now think about how you can amplify your light like a lighthouse uses lenses and mirrors to reflect and concentrate the light. The way that we amplify our light is through action. The action is called service. Can you amplify your light through service? Yes, you do it all the time. Think about your action in service, like lenses and mirrors reflecting light. Write down what those acts of service are and how they amplify your outreach to anyone you interact with.

How far of a reach does your light have? Great question, right? Think about a house. Let’s say, symbolically, that your light without mirrors or lenses can light up one room in the house. Does it help others? Yes. Anyone needing light in that room will be able to feel it, and it will help them turn away from their shadows of darkness. It might only be enough for one person, and that is great! If that is who you could help at the time, then it is right! Leadership is serving the one, and millions will follow.

Leaders use their light and their mirror to stretch your light through acts of service. Service is the mark of a true leader because they serve the one, but in turn, their light is seen by all. Leaders, I have one question to ask you. Who have you amplified today?

Do you help one person in the room to have their light amplified? Leaders as value, and if you’ve had a bad day, then Let’s start where you are at! Just know that true leaders add value to others by helping them find their gifts and talents and amplify those to reach others. In that act, we become Beacons of Light to the world.

Leaders? Remember that if you are doing this correctly, you will be bringing others with you—‚just like the marathon runners do. Now, get out there and lead!

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