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Broken Little Believer

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

by Shane Svorec

“If you don’t take ownership of your mindset, someone else will!”—Shane Svorec


Have you ever felt emotionally, physically, or mentally vulnerable or at risk for sabotage? Has your day or overall mood ever suffered because of something someone else said or did? Maybe your outlook changed when you received some devastating news, or things didn’t go as planned? Whatever the situation, your mindset is your responsibility and priority.

How we internalize outside influences, overcome situations we cannot change, and protect ourselves from ongoing, relentless negativity is a role we must OWN. Otherwise, we become targets and add credibility to the saying “misery loves company.”


We all face heartache, deal with disappointments, carry some baggage, and find ourselves on the receiving end of experiences that are just NOT FAIR. Still, our mindsets, attitudes, and perceptions are our own, and we choose whether we want to be an excuse or an example. Do we allow our past or present circumstances to become a crux, or do we use them to catapult us forward? The difference between the two is our mindset!


Shane Svorec is an inspirational writer, keynote speaker, positive culture influencer, and author of the Amazon #1 New Release Broken Little Believer: Finding Purpose in All the Pretty Painful Pieces - an inspirational book based on actual events set within a journey we all make.

Broken Little Believer is an engaging book filled with relevant and timely messages of needed encouragement, testaments of resilience, and insight into the power of perspective and positive thinking. It's an uplifting story for the underdogs and a powerful anthem for those searching for redemption. This book shows readers that peace and purpose are within reach regardless of age, background, or circumstances.

It is a unique book that invites readers to go on a road trip with the author; it is filled with laughter, a few tears, and many stories of triumph. Readers have been sharing how they get "all the feels" of a great book from Broken Little Believer.

· “This is the book the world needs to read right now!”

· “A must-read! Uplifting and inspirational!”

· “#1 book to read. Beautifully written!”

· “Couldn’t put it down! Be prepared for a journey that will touch your soul.”

Complete with a musical playlist, expect an adventure-filled journey that leaves you feeling like you're traveling with your best friend. Readers find themselves excited, amazed, and wondering about the next destination and where the journey will take them. In the end, "traveling readers" feel as though they have made lots of memories, found points of connection, and learned many new things as they take "rest stops" for reflection along the way.


Shane is highly observant, empathetic, and honest with her emotions and the things she sees and feels. She uses writing to share her words of encouragement and positive perspective in confusing and troubling times.


Follow Shane on social media @authorshanesvorec and @brokenlittlebeliever

Shane shows others how to live a life of peace and purpose while proving the importance of owning one’s mindset and empowering others to live the life they envision.

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Shane Svorec is a lifelong writer and author who resides in New Jersey and her husband, three children, rescue dogs, and chickens. Shane has made it her life mission to advocate for those without a voice. Shane’s life experiences connect with readers of all ages. She is highly involved in her community, an active member of her church, a staunch public servant, a member of her local Board of Education, mental health and crisis intervention worker, a perpetual peacemaker, and a kindness spreader. Shane is best known by others to search for light in dark times.


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