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Bullying, Pain, Mass-Shootings, What is Going on?

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Guest Blog: Monika Polefka-Proulx

Note from April Tribe Giauque:

Bullying is the act that can tear down a person's inner strength until they feel hopeless or revengeful. Parents, do you know what is happening to your child?

In light of all the recent events in Texas, the 18-year-old in the mass shooting claimed that he was seeking to strike back from being bullied. This is VERY Troubling.

Parents, please listen to and help when you can. If our kids are in that much pain to cause others harm and to put themselves in harm's way, please seek help.

Monika understands that there is something you can do if your child is bullied and suffers such pain. There is help YES! You can be the one that helps your child to heal from the pain.

Monika Polefka-Proulx works with parents of troubled teens to build understanding and reduce conflict, in her book, No Matter What: How Far Would You Go to Save Your Child? Monika shares the powerful story of what she did for her daughter.

Join us on May 31, 2022, at 6:30 pm Mountain.

This conversation is crucial!


My daughter was fifteen years old when she turned into a virtual stranger before my eyes. Struggles with learning and years of bullying had destroyed her self-esteem, and she no longer wanted to live. She began expressing her pain by hurting herself and became both verbally and physically abusive.

Desperate to numb her agony, she started hanging out with people involved in the drug culture. Alcohol, drugs, and sex became a staple in her life. Self-harm comes in many forms. Soon, she was running away and disappearing for weeks on end.

I started spending my every waking moment either trying to find her, fighting to keep her away from her “friends,” or searching to get help from professionals. My family’s story is not unique, but it felt exclusive when we were in the midst of it. I couldn’t comprehend how my beautiful little girl had fallen so far, and I was afraid, ashamed, and full of guilt.

As parents, we often think that if we raise our children with morals, boundaries, and love, their lives will naturally turn out. Secretly, we assume youth who fall through the cracks must come from troubled families.

Youth Today

This is not always the case; youth today have more stress and outside influences than ever before, and social media makes them easy targets of manipulation by bullies and predators. As parents, we have to be fully aware of the dangers and, if necessary, intervene to prevent our teenagers from becoming statistics.

My daughter is a prime example of the overwhelming damage of bullies and sophisticated individuals who manipulate and steer youth into dangerous situations. The individuals involved in our situation targeted my daughter and several other young girls in our area.

Power and Control

Before I knew what was happening, my daughter had been conditioned to believe she was deeply in love with one of these individuals. He used his charm, good looks, and often intimation to make himself the sole most important aspect of her life, so he could convince her to leave the province with him.

Fearful that she would leave, we contacted law enforcement but were quickly informed that because she was 15 years old, the police couldn’t get involved and would not go looking for her. What is a parent to do? The idea that a 15-year-old girl could leave home without parental consent and move across the country is unfathomable. We certainly had no idea!

She Will Come To Her Senses

I remember feeling desperation, terror, and anger. I felt abandoned by the system and alone in my need to protect my little girl. Many people didn’t understand, and some even suggested that we leave her be, and she’d eventually come to her senses, but I knew we would never see her again if she left. I knew she was in grave danger!

So, I went into overdrive and dedicated myself to getting her away from those who meant her harm. I drove around town daily, hoping to get a glimpse of her; I circled their regular hangouts and followed the group’s every movement on social media. I familiarized myself with their habits, and I physically forced her away from them on many occasions.

Never, Never, Never Give up!

I refused to give up, and when I couldn’t get help from law enforcement or medical professionals, I followed my instincts and determination to save her at all costs. In the process of saving her life, I learned valuable lessons about love, communication, fortitude, and faith. By the grace of God and through hard work, I can proudly shout, “My Daughter is safe!”

It is isolating and painful when our children are at risk, and it can easily happen, which is why I wrote “No Matter What – How Far Would You Go to Save Your Child?”

My Mission

My mission is to stretch a helping hand out and let others know that they are not alone. Today, as the founder of the Unreachable Reach Program, I coach parents on a 5 step R.E.A.C.H process that promotes a happier, healthier family relationship.

The 5 step process includes Root, Eyes Wide Open, Attack, Chase, and Hurt modules. There is help available; parents don’t have to go it alone. This is why I am giving away free access to the Root Module. The module is accessible by simply scanning the QR code.

The most important wisdom I can share is to follow your instincts. There were many times I felt my daughter was a stranger and I would never get her back, but I followed my instincts, and I refused to give up. It was exhausting, frightening, painful, and overwhelming, but

I know that our family would have lost her if I had not listened to my gut. Remember you are not alone, and I am here for you.

I can easily be contacted through my website

SEE the REPLAY here:

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