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Can Children's Books Impact Your Life?

Guest Blog Post by Melissa Ray

Melissa: Hello, April! Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity to chat with you and connect with those who will tune in and watch the Beacon of Light Podcast tomorrow night, April 11, 2023, at 6:30 pm MDT.

Children's Books can impact your life in ways that you might not think. Many children's books are written in such a way as to teach lessons to both the reader and the child hearing the words for the first time. Books have a way of impacting our hearts, and Melissa is sharing two of the books with us.

Tell Us About the Book

Melissa: Readers can learn the importance of what they Believe, Say, Do, and Think...and why it all matters. It is based on the life story of my father.

Is this a FOUR Book Series?

Melissa: Yes, it is! I have completed two of the four books in the Blue-Eyed Boy Adventures: The Wisdom of a Sharecropper series at this time. They are:

  1. "The Fence Post"

  2. “True Friends,” in English and in Spanish. The Spanish titles are

  3. "El Poste de la Cerca" and

  4. "Amigos Verdaderos":

What is "The Fence Post" about?

Melissa: The Fence Post/ El Poste de la Cerca is about the Power of our Actions. Little Randy learns an important lesson about his careless actions in response to bullying and teasing. His daddy was a wonderful teacher to gently led him to the wisdom he needed to see the consequences of his actions.

What is "True Friends" about?

True Friends/ Amigos Verdaderos is about the Power of Love and Choices. Randy learns about "fair weather friends," and Readers will: 1. Learn about the power of Friendship, Opportunity, Hard Work, Love, and what you Believe.

2. Learn to lean into good friends for support and encouragement. 3. Identify opportunities and apply hard work to gain desired outcomes. 4. Discover how uncomfortable experiences can serve as opportunities for growth by challenging the reader to remain grateful in the face of trials and triumphs. 5. Understand that we all “have”, or rather “get to” make a choice in life when circumstances seem unfair or unjust. 6. Reveal how being true to yourself and how God created you will bring us closer to our life’s purpose. When we continue to be ourselves and remain confident, then we will have peace that others will be puzzled by.

Why Encourage Opportunities?

Reading to a child is a wonderful opportunity to open a whole new world and adventures or lessons to you and to them. Seeing what the characters in a book have been through or done may teach empathy, compassion, courage, and more.

I encourage everyone to read my books and others of good content and character-building to children. What we put in will come out and show up in their precious lives.

Please Share the Links to Your Books

Here are the links to my books: Please click on all of the Book Covers; they will take you to Amazon to see the books for yourselves.

There you have it! Please come tomorrow night and learn more about hope and light with Melissa Ray tomorrow, April 11th, at 6:30 pm MDT. As always, please like and subscribe.



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