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Claiming Your Magnificence

Guest Blog Post by Marty Ethier

You are magnificent! How willing are you to welcome those words? Does something inside you cringe and pull back, unwilling to accept it? How comfortable are you sharing your successes and skills with others? Do you tend to downplay them? If this is your experience, you are not alone.

FEAR Robs Us

Unfortunately, many hesitate to claim all that they are, partly because we have been conditioned to believe that celebrating ourselves in any way detracts from another. Most of us have had rare glimpses of our magnificence, we may embrace it for a moment, but more often than not, we succumb to fear. We will then deny it exists and refuse to accept or connect with all we are, even self-sabotaging because we fear losing it.

Many mistakenly think magnificence results from a fantastic feat of strength, superior intellect, or sacrificial giving. What if we looked at our magnificence from another perspective? What if our magnificence had nothing to do with what we do? Instead, it is because we exist.

Acknowledging Our Greatness

What if we acknowledged our greatness and all our skills, abilities, and worthiness are essential expressions of self-love? Imagine how that would change your interactions with others and your life experiences. When we genuinely love ourselves, we know all we have experienced is part of the journey to embrace a dual purpose; to learn and experience our humanness while remembering our magnificence as a Spirit.

Additionally, if we believe in higher consciousness, God/Spirit/Infinite Creator/Universe, whatever term you use, we must claim the brilliance of who we are. If not, we are saying that we trust and value our opinion of Self above God’s, disrespecting the beauty of our creation.

Claiming Your Greatness

Claiming our greatness has a far-reaching effect. We will attract new opportunities and circumstances aligning with our new frequency. We will no longer let opportunities pass us by because we don’t feel worthy. Ownership of our magnificence creates a space where others feel safe and welcome to shine.

We have been conditioned to believe that others must become less if we shine, and nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, allowing ourselves to celebrate and share all we are fosters a more profound sense of connection to self and an increased sense of belonging. Imagine how different our communities would look if each member confidently claimed their skills and gifts and delighted in sharing them.

The Possibilities

What could we, as a global society, accomplish and create if everyone allowed their strengths to shine? This idea is not new; many tribes and ancient cultures successfully lived this way.

Life is an active process inviting us to serve a bigger purpose in the world. It takes courage to own our greatness. It can seem risky, scary, and uncomfortable because we evolve as we claim all that we are. Growth is uncomfortable, even painful, but so is playing small, so we may choose the way that ultimately heals us.

Are You Ready to Claim Your Magnificence?

If you are ready to claim the life you want and free yourself from the limitations and restrictions of your diminished self-worth, the key is self-love and declare your greatness. By doing so, you enter into new territory, experiencing life differently. Owning your magnificence impacts every situation, as now you see life differently.

Your experiences no longer create a story of low self-esteem or lack of worth; they reveal the knowledge, strength, and wisdom obtained through what you have healed and lessons learned.

Beautiful things happen when we share ourselves and show up authentically; it opens a pathway to assist the healing of others. What we heal within is transformed in the world. I share my journey of self-love and acceptance in the book Goddess to help others overcome some of the common barriers experienced when claiming all we are.

If you are ready to claim your magnificence but don’t know where to begin, what it means, or what your skills are, then check out Goddess; you can purchase it here:

JOIN me as I interview Marty Ethier on the Beacon of Light Podcast Tuesday, May 30th at 6:30 pm MDT

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