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Discover the Warrior Within

Updated: Feb 12

Guest Blog post by Jennifer


Being Fit Isn’t Just Physical

Are you ready to discover the warrior within?

The past few years have felt like the children’s game of Chutes and Ladders.  One minute, you are climbing seven rungs, having fun, getting promotions, and life is good.  The next, you’re heading down a chute, which feels like a roller coaster that has you twisting and turning in ways you never thought would happen, hands and hair flying in the air, grasping for something to stop the fall. Perhaps you lost your job, were diagnosed with some illness, or one of many other struggles. I felt like I went back to the beginning of the game and down a deep rabbit hole. 

At this point, I needed purpose and something to help me climb out. I’ve always tried to be on a fitness journey and realized that fitness was more than physical. Warrior Fit: Being Fit Isn’t Just Physical was born. 

This book, through research and discovery, was helping me heal and find peace until a virus hit my computer, and I lost all that I had written…chapters of work, time, and effort. It was just “one more thing.” I fell further down the rabbit hole and stopped writing for months. A bit of sunshine, a garden, bees buzzing, and the natural world around me gave me baby steps to start climbing the ladder again, and I hopped back on the path of writing.

We all have one thing in common: Change is ever present in our lives and isn’t going anywhere. Some changes we meet and invite into our life. Some change we fight for. Then there is the change we have no control over and want nothing to do with. We have all met change in all its forms. The difference is that some are more prepared to deal with it than others.

It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war. 
—Chinese proverb -Quoted by Bruce Lee

In this world of change, developing and caring for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual muscles is necessary to overcome struggles and live your best life.

Just as you would feed, exercise, and detox your body to make it stronger and more fit, these other three aspects of your being need the same attention. By taking steps to feed, exercise, and detox your whole being, you will also be taking steps to start healing your entire being. 

I will take you on my journey of personal experiences and discoveries in Warrior Fit. Taking a holistic approach to overall fitness, I will share stories and themes about letting go, finding peace, and reconnecting with yourself and the natural world around you.  There are many ideas of how to nourish, exercise, and detox your whole being that you can build on as you continue on your own path. We are talking about coffee talk, baby steps, and a friendly chat between friends. 

Each of us has our struggles to face, both big and small. Our paths will be different and ongoing as we find the modalities that work, cross off the ones that don’t, and continue to climb up the ladder to ground you can firmly stand on, ready for the following change.

You don’t drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there. -Edwin Louis Cole

It is time to start your journey of embracing change, empowering your whole being, and discovering the warrior within.

It’s time to thrive.

My first passion has always been being a mother and creating a warm and inviting home for family and friends. I have been a wellness student throughout my life by learning more natural ways to be more vital and healthy.  My second passion is to empower others by sharing my knowledge, and I continue to remember on this journey. See my blog for more stories and adventures at

I am an author, Reiki Practitioner, Level II, wife, mother, and friend with whole-hearted ideals, a determined mind, and a spirit to help others to become their best and strongest selves.

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