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Do You Know Your Family Tree?

10 for 10,000 Day 46 Light the World

Do you know your Family Tree?

As I have learned more and more about the stories in my family tree I have learned amazing stories of survival and of triumphs. I have carried a sense of pride about these stories. Do you know a few in your family?

What is interesting to note is that I identified with one my 4th great grandmother Ellen Parkinson, in the way that she was a survivor. It gave me GREAT strength to overcome the abuse I was in. I felt her beside me helping me and guiding me.

But I left the story at that. Right there. For years I was only identifying with surviving.

Then one day my friends Monica Rae Zollinger Mower said, "aren't you tired of just surviving? What about living." Let me tell you, she ROCKED my world that day. I was filled with fear, confusion, and I had to find a way to change things.

For years I had been so proud of surviving, but not of thriving or living. As I studied more about her life and the LIFE she lived I found that she really LOVED life and really LIVED it.

She had 11 children I have 9. She came from 9 children, I have 9. She blessed her children with love of life, dance, cooking, hiking, being outside, accomplishing much in a day, and making the special days SPECIAL. Once I started learning these stories, my perspective completely shifted.

I love learning this way. I feel a passion to do so. It is scary to leave my comfort Cage and get into the learning zone. But I can do it with the love of the Lord behind me.

Go out and learn what you can and see if there are mistakes you can learn from and triumphs you can learn from. Love your light and you are always worth it! #lighttheworld #10for10000 #pinpointsoflight

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