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Does Life Leave You Feeling Hopeless and Joyless?

Guest Blog Spot: Louise Pistole

Does life leave you feeling hopeless and joyless?

In life, two roads spread out before you: one is full of loss, and the other is full of joy. If you thought you had the option to choose, you would surely walk down the path of endless joy every time.


Louise grew up with what she now knows were unmentionable family secrets. After losing her hero, Daddy, and then divorced, she struggled through life.

Feeling she had no choice, she went through the motions of daily activities and worked long hours in a stressful career.

She felt stuck in a time warp that did not allow her to move forward. She felt sad and alone for too many years.

Her internal light had flickered and grown dim. There was too much darkness in the shadows of life. Her joy-light was almost out.


Even though Louise regularly attended church, one particular message changed her life. The minister spoke about joy and watching out for joy stealers.

Be joyful always. 1 Thessalonians 5:16

The word joy became her lifeline. She began to research, study and write about joy in her journals. She saw the possibilities of living a joyful life in the days ahead.

Spending time in prayer and reading God’s Word reconnected her to her internal light. She knew she could shine again!


Twelve years after hearing the message on joy, Louise released her daily inspirational book, Discover Your Joy.

Today, Louise is a best-selling author who inspires women to discover their own joy. She invites them to walk along the same path she takes every morning to choose between hopeless and joyful. Day after day, they will find the motivation to experience true happiness and lasting inner peace.

One reader said, “Each page in Discover Your Joy is a simple and beautiful reminder that the world may not be perfect, there will always be the ups and downs, but we can CHOOSE each day how we will use this gift we call life. I highly recommend this book!!”

Another one stated, “Pistole gives great insight into ways to remind us that our joy is important and to beware of ‘joy stealers.’”


In case you’re wondering why you should be joyful, Louise shares some thoughts below.

  • Being in a joyful state releases all the feel-good hormones into your body.

  • You’ll feel more optimistic.

  • Long-term joy can help you become more resilient.

  • Joy inspires you to be more loving and kinder and do good things for others.

  • But one of the biggest benefits of being joyful is a sense of connection. You’ll feel more connected to yourself, to those you care about, and to the world you live in.


Discover Your Joy Book is available in hardcover, paperback, or as an ebook.

Make the choice today to Discover Your Joy and unlock the secrets to an abundant life filled with happiness, blessings, and inner peace.

Available at or on Amazon at

Discover Your Joyful Self – the much-requested companion journal to the book.

Have you lost the inspiration to pursue joy and inner peace? Write your way to more joy!

Available with either a color interior or black and white.

Get your copy on the website at Louise or on Amazon at

Daily Affirmations Journal for Joyful Women

Do you love feeling inspired by positive affirmations?

Do you enjoy the results of expressing daily gratitude?

Are you interested in having more joy in your life?

If so, this Daily Affirmations Journal is just for you!

Also available at Louise or on Amazon at

Joyful Inspiration Cards – a deck of cards in a beautiful organza bag with quotes from the book, Discover Your Joy, and affirmations to make every day your best day.

Only available at


Experiencing Joy Through Gratitude – a book/journal with 52 weeks of inspiration and space for your daily gratitude list.

Are you struggling to enjoy your life? The road to happiness, peace, and spiritual fulfillment starts with more gratitude!

Check the website for details and the release date at

Grateful Inspiration Cards – a deck of cards with quotes from the book, Experiencing Joy Through Gratitude.

Check the website for details and the release date at



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