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Equipping Children with a Strong, Healthy Mindset

Guest Blog Post: Cathy Studer

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If you could help your children build stronger mental health, would you?

Have any of your children had bouts of depression? Does your child suffer from anxiousness or worry? How does your child bounce back after failures and mistakes?

Hurts, pains, and challenges are inevitable for our children, and some will even endure trauma in their life. As much as we want to control all their pains, we can’t. What we can do is equip them to the best of our capabilities in helping them build stronger mental and emotional health. The brain is always malleable, yet it is even more malleable in children. This is the perfect time to help kids develop a robust and healthy mindset.

We all know that depression, anxiety, and suicide have increased in our children and youth. The numbers started rising before the Covid pandemic and then made another big jump after for boys and girls. The Child Mind Institute shares that children that are sad, depressed, or have anxiety have doubled globally. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among people aged 15 to 24 in the U.S.

Nearly 20% of high school students report serious thoughts of suicide, and 9% have tried to take their lives, according to the National Alliance of Mental Illness. Statistics also share that 1 in 5 children are living with some form of a mental health disorder. 61% of parents are very concerned about their children’s mental health, and 53% of parents have their work disrupted by mental health issues.

The great news is we CAN change this!

What if you had a fun tool to help guide you in helping your children build that strong, healthy mindset to equip them to handle better the challenges that will inevitably come their way? Would you use it?

The Adventures of Gus and Pasha is a children’s book set endorsed by a Pediatric Psychologist. The six books are a fun tool for parents, grandparents, foster parents, teachers, and counselors. Gus, the gorilla, and Pasha, the panda, are the main characters throughout the set that experience fun adventures in the forest with many of their friends. They help their forest friends work through life’s challenges and the emotions that come with those experiences.

Each book shares attributes that work the brain in a way that builds stronger mental and emotional health once adopted. Kids will learn how to find good in bad days, how to work through sad and anxious feelings, how to release negative thoughts, how to build resilience as we work through hardships, how to let go of anger, learn why self-compassion is essential in our mental health, and how it is possible to feel more joy.

At the back of each book is a resource guide for adults. This guide summarizes the key points along with activities and conversation starters. As with anything in life, action and application must happen to achieve results. The suggested steps are easy to implement. With continued effort, the actions become habits, and these habits will build that healthier mindset.

Children are our future, yet we are their present. With this book set, you will have the power to help children adopt attributes that will work their brains positively. Our kids deserve to be empowered to fulfill their best potential, which starts with us.

We have the power to empower our children!

The attributes in this book set come from the award-winning book, Broken to Beautifully Whole. That was my first book that shares how it is possible to heal after long-term child sexual abuse. A calling for a purpose propelled the mission for the message within that book that we can reduce the occurrence of depression, anxiety, and PTSD, which is the most significant and common side effect of trauma.

After a few speaking engagements with my first book, a few audience members recommended turning those attributes into a children’s book set. Reflection, introspection, and conversations with two pediatric psychologists created another calling for a purpose with The Adventures of Gus and Pasha.

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