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Finding Freedom and Joy by Living on Purpose

Guest Blog Post: Rachel Bailey

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Have you been going through life hoping there was just more than the daily grind? I know I fantasized about a life full of purpose and adventure with less struggle, fewer obstacles, and fully alive. That was until I found myself in my life's most tense, anxious, and sick state! I was the girl who already knew what I would do with my life, and everyone knew it. Then I was the girl that was stuck and overwhelmed.

Let me give you a glimpse into my life. I was born as a Navy brat and the oldest of nine siblings. By school age, we had returned to civilian life. Starting in the second grade, my siblings and I were homeschooled at a time when no one knew what that was. I was known at my previous school as the petite, sweet, and confident little girl. Yet, I found myself judging others who did not act this way.

One Sunday at age 8, I realized that I needed Jesus to be my Savior and Lord, and only He could judge a man’s heart. By age 12, I heard the Lord tell me I would be a missionary someday. At 13 years old, my world changed! My parents moved away from the suburbs to the country, surrounded by farmland, and they joined ATI, a conservative homeschool movement. Ready to move out and start my own life?

I was married at age 20 to a wonderful man, and by age 24, we had three wonderful children, yet I was sick most days. However, the doctors of this small town couldn’t find anything wrong with me. My husband prayed over me and for me almost daily. One day, I prayed, God, if you are honest, help me to live. This was my first cry for help. Maybe like me, you have spiraled to a place you don’t recognize and want to break free.

I no longer felt like an ambitious young woman. I felt like a trapped, overwhelmed mom of three. I was tired of being tired. Can you relate? I was tired of my lack of movement, being a mom, having a community that was also stuck, and being surrounded by other Christians not living like I saw Christ.

He moved us out of that situation and, by faith, gave us the next steps. Several years later, someone suggested I try trauma therapy after seeing I was easily triggered. My first response? Trauma? What trauma? As they began to share common trauma responses, awareness hit me like a ton of bricks.

Awareness of your current reality is the first step to finding freedom and joy! I could repent and make Jesus Lord when I recognized I was a sinner. When I realized my physical, mental, and spiritual health was suffering because of trauma, the healing was able to begin. Joy does not come from our circumstances.

It remains despite our circumstances. Often joy and happiness are confused with one another. True Joy comes from the Lord. I realized I was looking for pleasure from others and circumstances, and I want to help you become aware of where you might be looking for it too.

Within the book, Embrace the Dance: Finding Freedom and Joy by Living on Purpose, you will learn the steps I did to say yes to movement and confidently receive freedom and joy to be who you were created to be.

STEP 1: Realize where you are not free. The book will guide you through the different ways we are held captive. This includes external and internal factors. Knowing what holds you captive can unlock the steps forward to be set free.

STEP 2: Say YES, to moving forward. It’s not enough to be aware; you have a decision. Will you say yes and take the first step toward change? Connecting with a coach or a mentor will create the accountability you need to start.

STEP 3: Imperfect movement will create more momentum than perfect plans on paper. Engage and rely on Jesus’s power to make all our imperfections a beautiful dance. A life where you will find freedom, joy, and purpose because now you are living. If you are not living, you are dying. There is no in-between. Embrace the Dance and watch God move you into the dance of your life.

Ready to get started and prepared to create momentum with confidence?

Start by reading my book and take those first steps into a beautiful life filled with purpose living. You can also reach out for one-on-one coaching or listen to me speak by booking me for your next event.


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