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Finding Happiness Amid Your Heartache

Guest Blog Spot Amy Tyson

It’s not a matter of if, but it’s without a doubt a matter of when heartache will truly affect your life.  Most often, that excruciating heartache is unexpected and can hit you where it hurts the very most.


It’s how you choose to deal with that heartache that cannot only greatly impact your future but also impact your children’s future as well.

The decision lies with you on what you want that impact to be. I am a woman who has decided to take what I have been through and use those experiences to truly help impact individuals and their precious children for the better.

Divorce, it’s incredibly common, incredibly difficult, and incredibly impactful….BUT what if the impact a divorce can make can lead to good? 

Amid my second divorce, as a mom of three daughters, I was looking for a way to facilitate that difficult discussion with my then five-year-old daughter. As a previous single mother, knowing the impact that day would make, I wanted a better way to open up that conversation.

After not being at peace with the resources that I came across, I decided that if you can’t find the resources you need, you create one.

In the depths of my devastation, I drafted the book ONE PRINCESS, TWO CASTLES to read to my little girl. I wanted to create a way to help her process & embrace her sadness while giving her unapologetic permission to feel very excited about spending time with her father and learning that although things were different, things would be good.

I firmly believe that even in the darkest times, something good can come from it IF you look hard enough.

As I wrote my first book, ONE PRINCESS, TWO CASTLES, I never imagined the many children and parents it could impact for the better! I am happy to say that many family law firms across the state of Texas now carry my books for their clients. 

My journey has put a distinct passion and purpose in my life to help others through their journey of divorce and the years that follow.

Last year, I created another resource that I believe, with all of my heart, can be a game changer for so many children and their parents as they are walking out of all the emotions that go along with divorce.

I created a journal called. LITTLE HEARTS, BIG FEELINGS.  This journal is a platform for children ages 4-14 to express their emotions, helping to provide HOPE, HEALING, & COMFORT while also arming their parents with concrete examples of what their child is going through and how they can best help them. LITTLE HEARTS, BIG FEELINGS was specifically created for children living in two separate homes. My journal gives specific, well-thought-out prompts that lead children to express their feelings.

As a former educator and a former single mother, children can more readily express their emotions through drawings versus other written communication, especially verbal communication. Just think of how difficult it can be for adults to communicate their emotions.  Now consider the heart of a child ages 4-14 whose world is forever changing, faced with countless unknowns, and often bearing the burden of their parent’s pain.

In addition to my book 

ONE PRINCESS, TWO CASTLES, and my journal, LITTLE HEARTS BIG FEELINGS; I am also a CERTIFIED DIVORCE COACH AND CO-PARENTING COACH, offering sessions both in person and virtually.

I am on a mission to change the message of divorce, help individuals divorce differently, and help them end one chapter with grace and another with confidence. I also coach them to create a life they will love to lead and help those with children co-parent in a healthy way..

Even in the darkest of times, something good can come from it if you look hard enough. 


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Join the Beacon of Light Podcast on Tuesday, Jan 23, 2024, at 6:30 pm, where Amy Tyson and I will share an amazing conversation about her book, Once Princess Two Castles. 

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