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Follow the Light

Blog by April Tribe Giauque

Follow the Light!

Pinpoints, Rays, Beams, and Beacons

Inky black, heavy darkness. Cold—chilled to the bone. Fear, pain, lies, and shame engulfed me—trapped. I felt my eye muscles pulling open, striving to see any light. Nothing. I held my hand to my face—nothing. I searched one last time, then suddenly, light! I felt a prompting, "FOLLOW THE LIGHT!"

My eyes fixated upon a pinpoint of light in vast, visceral darkness. My heart was pounding hard, beating out a rhythm to connect with, and suddenly, there was a faint whisper of hope, and I felt my heart be drawn toward it. 

I turned my body in the direction of that pinpoint and started forward. Suddenly, my eyes captured another pinpoint of light and then another. It was similar to how the first stars appeared in the night sky right at twilight until the sky was filled with points of light. 

My eyes had light to focus on, and I was no longer in darkness--the prompting was right!

My fear had lessened. I stopped believing some of the lies but longed to discover if the points would share more with me. My eyes focused on one, and my direction was pulled toward it. It felt magnetic-like, and as I continued forward, I noticed the pinpoint getting brighter until it became a ray of light, and my hope brightened. 

As I focused on the ray, more light was added to it by degrees, and my fear was replaced by faith, and my shame diminished. The ray became a gentle white beam. I could see more in the beam of light, and my movement became more confident.

As the beam brightened, it became a beacon of light! In that light, I could see that I emanated from a lighthouse! I hastened my direction toward it and came safely into a harbor. "You are safe! Keep following the light!"

I wanted to know the source of the light, and soon found myself at the door of the lighthouse and started my spiral walk up the stairs toward the top. 

There, I beheld a glass-shaped lens and a single light—one lamp–and yet it had been amplified to reach little ole me. I looked out from the top of the lighthouse and saw the beacon of light reach out to millions more out in that mist of darkness. "Stay here. Amplify the light I planted inside you and stretch it out toward others!"

I prayed and hoped they would just look toward the light, follow it, and live. 


They are the hope that helps us to believe that the next hour, day, or week is possible, 


They are the light added to the pinpoint that then becomes a place where we can feel reassured that we did see something, and we have hope and a belief that there is more. 


They are rays that are strengthened by more degrees, and we are now acting in faith and seeing and feeling confirmation that we are in the right place.


They are beams that have been strengthened by faith and have become knowledge. This knowledge is undeniable, and they are anchored on the Rock of Christ. 

I testify that nearly all of us start out with a pinpoint of hope, build to a ray of belief, change to a beam of faith, and stand in a beacon of knowledge. So be patient with yourself as you are finding your way. 

Remember that the Power of the Destroyer wants to distract and destroy you. He constantly mocks you outwardly but also attacks you from within—those are the lies, pain, shame, and fear that he swirls all around you. All of that thrives in darkness, unpredictability, loneliness, and feeling friendless or unloved, and it is spoken by your inner voice or your Shame Shadow.  

These voices–Shame Shadow—In your head say things like, “You are not enough, or you are too much.” Darkness feeds them because they are hidden deep within you. They are like a black hole sucking all your energy and robbing your light from shining.

Are you tired of walking around in a darkened state of mind, never changing? Are you satisfied with sheltering in the darkness? Is there something you are hoping for? Do you want to come out of the darkness to find light?

 If you're feeling trapped by the voice in your head? It's NOT too late to come Out of Darkness and into freedom! It won’t be easy. Pain, fear, and shame will all take an emotional, physical, and mental stand against you. But don’t give up! You are not alone in this battle.

“Out of Darkness” is a parallel companion book to “Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse.” And it is my journey. I share what I’ve learned in the abuse, after the abuse, and how to never fall back into abuse (self-inflicted or otherwise).

In Out of Darkness, I show you a powerful method to find your light. l empower you to:

• Identify your enemy and how to defeat him. You are worth fighting for!

• Discover your self-worth and the beauty that you are. You are more than you know!

• Say YES to loving yourself.

Deep breath. Be brave. Let's find you in the pages of the book, and together, we will walk the journey to help you find, fuel, and live in your light! You are worth it!

Join us tomorrow on the Beacon of Light Podcast at 6:30 pm Mountain and find your pinpoint, ray, beam, and beacon of light!

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