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From Beaten to Badass!

Erin Baer is an engaging entrepreneur and lives her passions as an Author, Speaker, and Empowerment Coach.

Erin was raped, beaten, nearly killed, bullied, abandoned, abused, and broken. She shouldn’t have survived, but she did. Being a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, Erin began telling others her story of grace and grit on her road to recovery. This sharing of her personal story became the basis for her book “From Beaten to Badass” and her business of the same name.

This powerfully worded personal memoir provides readers the strength, hope, and courage to follow in Erin’s footsteps and become the BADASS human beings they were always meant to be. Erin also founded the organization Beaten to Badass to empower and support those who have been beaten down by their life experiences. Her life’s work is to provide a path for beaten down and silenced humans to once again be strong, courageous, and proud. Erin decided to be the positive voice to show these people that their circumstances don’t define them, that they don’t need to be beaten down in life, and that they too can be their own heroes.

Through her coaching and speaking, Erin encourages you to look within yourself where you will find the power to unleash the “badass” in you. You may feel defeated and feel life is unfair by the cards you were dealt. She talks about the dark moments in her life as being the moments that were most defining. These moments inspired her to keep going as if there was no other choice. She realized with every storm, the clouds do break, and there is light within the darkness. Almost always, the light must come from within. Though Erin’s life wasn’t easy, it allowed her to see the beauty that life brings and provided lessons through the people she met along the way. Erin believes the only way you lose is if you don’t learn and you don’t get back up. You are a badass!

Erin has always wanted to give back to those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault just as others gave back in her time of need. Therefore, with every book sold a portion goes back to a local nonprofit located in Colorado to help the victims and survivors who have found themselves in similar circumstances. In 2019, Erin was inspired by the incredible need for support to take giving back one step further. That’s when she realized that the Shelters she was giving to needed support to enable the transformation of survivors from living in the cycle of abuse to becoming successful, independent human beings. That’s how the Beaten to Badass Make an Impact in 2020 Campaign started.

People sponsor the book which is then sent to a shelter in America. Through the generosity of 75 sponsors, we have been able to reach over 500 shelters across the United States which helps change lives forever. As a community, we have fully sponsored 15 states, plus Puerto Rico to date. We have also helped two shelters internationally, one in Alberta, Canada and another in Dublin, Ireland. By myself, I can only do so much, yet with your help, working together, the possibilities are endless. This campaign has continued into 2021 and Erin is excited to reach at least 500 more shelters this year. To learn more about how you can help and join the Elephant Herd and help those impacted by Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, please visit:

What people are saying about Erin Baer:

Angela Ceseña, Executive Director of Latina SafeHouse

“Erin is an exceptional human being and a captivating speaker! Her strength, passion, and values are eloquently expressed and she exudes empowerment as she speaks. As a guest speaker, Erin not only shared her journey but also shared her vision for a world with no domestic violence. Her approach and delivery are impactful and humbling. Every member of the audience was captivated and moved by her speech. It is with unwavering support that I highly recommend Erin as a guest speaker and recommend you to read From Beaten to Badass. She is a true warrior and a champion for an end to violence against women!”

Amy Hindman (Amazon Review of the book: From Beaten to Badass)

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring

Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2020

“I love this book. Erin has a way of expressing her experiences through her innermost feelings that makes you feel like you are there with her, through the torturous and beautiful moments of her journey to badass. She’s a genuine woman whose voice we can all relate to, no matter what struggles we have faced. Most of us don’t suffer through what Erin has, and yet she transcends it with sheer fortitude, and continues to inspire others to do the same. I didn’t want the book to end, because her story feels like it is just beginning. She has a lot of lives left to change!”

Lauren Danielle, Author of Get off the Curb

“Erin is a force to be reckoned with! She is fierce, passionate, courageous, relatable, and has a powerful story to share. Erin articulates how lessons in life don’t knock you down, but rather build you up, create your purpose, and ultimately ignite the badass that resides in us all. Her voice is commanding, and while her experiences are heart-wrenching, they are a call to action to build ourselves up and step into the individuals we were created to be. From Beaten to Badass will bring you to tears, trigger your inner power, and ultimately should be shared with anyone who’s been knocked down and needs to borrow someone else’s strength to get back up!”

For more information or to contact Erin Baer today visit:

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