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How Can You Get Through Grief?

Guest Blog Post: Mary Welsh

Trauma comes in all forms; it can be minuscule, not worth mentioning, or catastrophic, underlying all you say, do, and feel. The hardest part of life is a journey full of ups and downs, with rivers and lakes along the way. At any time, the journey can be exhilarating and scary at the same time; it can be debilitating as if you are drowning in that river of doubt, pain, anguish, fear, self-loathing, uncertainty, love, and loss.

Every day the tsunami of life can take us swiftly from normal to the following: distraught, disengaged, sad, depressed, afraid for our life, fearful, doubting our relationships and others. Or, it can take you from normal to excited, exhilarated, happy, engaging, involved with others, and so many other emotions.

How we manage those emotions helps us navigate the riverbank and the troubled or refreshing waters. When we flip our negative perspective, we can find the optimism to tackle life with the cup half full outlook instead of the disturbing cup half empty. How we navigate the trials of life, whether minor or major, says a lot about our characters and how we define ourselves.

Dr. Mary Welsh took the loss of her beautiful daughter Susie and continues to travel the painful loss daily. She could let it consume her negatively or look optimistically at it with positive reflections on the wonderful love she shared with her daughter in the words and actions of those she knew. She chose this path, building an inspirational legacy in her honor to help others deal with trauma and grief and to help kids in need through her writing, speaking, and nonprofit Susie Q’s Kids.

Susie Q’s Kids provides comfort bags to kids in need. Susie Q’s Kids gives comfort bags to nonprofits such as hospitals, shelters, foster care, and those grieving the loss of loved ones for distribution to kids in need in their programs.

Susie Q’s Kids believes in “Kids Helping Kids” and offers bag stuffing events and other opportunities for kids to be involved in caring for and supporting other kids in need.

Trauma cannot define us; how we interpret the scary path with its twists and turns can make us better, stronger, more productive citizens, family members, and friends. Seize the day! As her daughter, Susie would say, “You Got This! You Are Amazing.” Your power is in your own actions, not those of others, and in your reactions to others. Do not let anyone define you, own the day and the path you choose.

Let Dr. Mary Welsh express The Four Aspects of Positive Reflection defined in her books to help you on your journey in life.

For more information about Mary and her books:

Dr Mary author - book information
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