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How Do You Process and Heal From Loss?

Guest Blog by Angie Harris

Angie Harris is the Author of Leaf Lessons, When Trauma & Religion Collide, and The Process of Spiritual Awakening & Healing.

In September 2020, Angie faced three significant losses at once. Within days, she lost her job, her father to Cancer, and a foster daughter she had planned to adopt. Ultimately defeated, she struggled with knowing how to move forward and grieve all the losses at once. With the isolation of COVID having started months prior, her pain was amplified as she felt utterly alone.

Just five years prior, in 2016, she had a sudden spiritual awakening that shattered her understanding of God and the world around her. This caused the loss of her father to be just as complex and confusing. The strange experience also pushed her into facing deeply hidden traumas from her childhood & teens she had never faced or spoken about before.

Having worked in the mental health field all her life, she believed she knew what it meant to heal, as she had helped many others on their healing journeys. However, when it came to her healing, she was lost and realized something was missing.

After the loss of her father, something deep inside compelled her to dive into her pain and experience it fully. Turning to meditation, she began sitting in silence daily, fully allowing herself to feel the pain of loss and trauma. After a short time, she realized that the meditations were helping and that to heal truly, you must feel.

Not only did she start to heal, but she began having eye-opening spiritual experiences that pushed her into even more profound healing and deconstruction of her faith developed through religious beliefs.

Just a few short months after her father’s passing, he began to visit her during her meditations and in dreams. During these exchanges with her dad, she received life-changing guidance and a deeper understanding of the spirit world and life after death.

She also began understanding her own truth and calling, getting in touch with her giftings, and developing a deeper understanding of how healing must include the spirit.

The messages her father delivered radically changed her life, pushing her into the calling of finally writing the book she had always felt compelled to write, but this time, completely different than what she initially thought she would write about. Not only did she finish the book, but she found her calling as a spiritual healer.

Sharing parts of her story with the world through the book would be one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences. Not only is Angie the author of Leaf Lessons, but she is also certified in Life Coaching, Reiki Energy Healing, Sound Healing, and Meditation & Mindfulness.

Using these holistic healing modalities along with the knowledge she gained working in the mental health field and a degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Victim Survivor Services, she brings a unique perspective to the healing processing for others, providing deep spiritual healing and guidance in coming back into their true authentic self and soul purpose. You can find her services and contact information on

Angie plans to release Leaf Lessons II in February 2023.

Don't forget! I will interview Angie Aug 30, 2022 at 6:30 pm on



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