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How to stop Abortion? Worship!

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By Cheryl Krichbaum

Worship to End Abortion

Are you worried about your daughter coming home pregnant or getting an abortion without you knowing? Are you concerned that your son is impregnating his girlfriend? Are you upset about the pro-abortion Women’s Health Protection Act currently in the Senate or the Supreme Court’s decisions on the Mississippi or Texas cases?

The abortion issue is complicated and concerning, but you can make a difference by doing one thing: Worship! That means praying, learning, and taking action.


When we pray from a place of rest and righteousness rather than worry and self-righteousness, the Lord hears our prayers, forgives our sins, and heals our land. How do we pray from rest and righteousness? By being still, seeking God’s face, turning from our old ways, and forgiving others. Once we reach rest and righteousness, we pray worshipfully for the end of abortion.


Abortion is not a simple choice that women make on a whim, despite what you may hear on social media. Women abort out of fear, most often for fear of poverty. Our society is set up such that abortion is cheaper than child support, maternity healthcare costs, maternity leave, and so much more.

You hear a narrative of the bitter middle class and wealthy women complaining about our patriarchal society. Still, in reality, the poorest of our community are aborting at much higher rates than those in the middle class, often under pressure or lack of support from the baby daddies, while abortion doctors make money. Sex trafficking, inaccurate sex education, and distorted history of abortion complicate the narrative even more.

Take Action

Today, many pro-lifers are outside the Supreme Court building. At the same time, the Justices hear arguments in the Mississippi case that may partially overturn Roe v Wade and Doe v, Bolton. However, they should meet with their Senators, support pregnancy resource centers and pro-women’s healthcare clinics, and educate their children with proper sex education.

Call Your Senators

The House has passed, and the Senate is now considering HR 3755, the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), which will nullify any Supreme Court rulings that overturn Roe and Doe. Pro-abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood Action Fund and NARAL are urging their supporters to call their Senators. You should make that call and spread the word to all your pro-life friends encouraging them to do the same—tell your Senators to vote “NO!” on HR 3755.

Support Pregnancy Resource Centers & Pro-Women’s Healthcare Clinics

Yesterday was Giving Tuesday. Did you send any money to pregnancy resource centers? Find the one nearest you and send them an end-of-year gift so that they can support women and their families as they choose life.

Find out if there’s a Pro-Women’s Healthcare Clinic (PWHC) near you and support them. PWHCs are ob-gyn clinics that the women in your family can use for their annual exams and maternity care. They also provide maternity care for the poorest who are choosing life.

[optional link to search for PWHCs: ]

Educate Your Children & Grandchildren, Nieces & Nephews

If we want to end abortion, we must end the “need” for abortion—Christians first. Did you know that 70% of women who abort identify as Christians, and 36% go to church at least once per month? Of the women in your church, about 25% have had or will have an abortion by age 45. And, of course, we have no statistics on the men who got them pregnant.

We end abortion by educating tweens, teens, twenty-somethings, and thirty-somethings with scientifically accurate sex education. And by helping post-abortive women and men heal. Healed people don’t shout their abortions or remain silent while others spew lies.


My offers to you in anticipation of Sanctity of Life Month (which is January) are 1) my two books and 2) my science- and faith-based sex education courses.

Worship to End Abortion: Your Prayer Guide provides 40 daily prayers and devotions to equip and empower you to pray powerfully for the end of abortion, how to change the laws, and to do that all over the world.

ReTested: The Story of a Post-Abortive Woman Called the Change the Conversation, my award-winning memoir, shares my transformation from pro-choice to pro-life while equipping you to overcome your life tests.

The Missing Sex Ed Lessons equip tweens and teenagers to delay sexual encounters to avoid STIs, crisis pregnancies, and challenging relationships. These online courses provide positive, empowering, pro-life Christian sex education completed in the privacy of your own home.

Use promo code light2021 for 50% off. (Expires Dec 31, 2021.)

Cheryl Krichbaum

Cheryl Krichbaum, speaker, and award-winning author, has a burning passion for changing the abortion conversation to help Christians speak the truth in love. You can connect with her at


Tonight 12/1/2021 at 6:30 pm I meet with Cheryl to talk about how to Worship to end abortion. What better way than to celebrate Christmas knowing that as Christ saved the little children, we too can join His forces and help save more children.

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