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I Don't feel Good; I want Answers!

Guest Blog: Eva Vennari

Owning Your Beauty by Eva Vennari

Making Sense of What Seems Unrelated

You know you are feeling off, sick, or out of it. What is happening to your body to your mind? What is going on?

My friend Eva Vennari can help you know what is happening and cut away all the crazy guesswork. Come check it out in the blog and see what we will discuss on Tuesday on the Youtube Beacon of Light Podcast Channel!

Owning Your Beauty

In Owning Your Beauty, Eva Vennari shares her personal journey of discovering the connection between chronic health problems and premature aging. After struggling for years with various health issues, including digestive problems, chronic fatigue, and hormonal imbalances, Vennari became frustrated with the conventional medical system that seemed unable to help her. She decided to take matters into her own hands and began exploring alternative approaches to healing.

At the same time, Vennari was also trying to combat the signs of aging. She visited numerous med spas and underwent various treatments, hoping to maintain her youthful appearance. However, despite the money and time she spent on these procedures, she still felt like she was fighting a losing battle.

It wasn't until Vennari started connecting the dots between her health issues and her attempts to slow down aging that she began to make progress. She realized that the two were intimately linked and that addressing the underlying root causes was the key to both.


Through extensive research, Vennari discovered a holistic approach to health and wellness that focused on identifying and treating the underlying causes of chronic health issues. She learned about the importance of diet, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and detoxification and began implementing these practices in her own life.

As she began to feel better and her health issues started to improve, Vennari also noticed a difference in her appearance. She found that the natural approach to wellness not only helped her feel better but also helped her look better. Her skin began to glow, her hair became shinier and thicker, and she felt more vibrant and alive.

In Owning Your Beauty, Vennari shares her journey and provides practical advice and guidance for anyone struggling with chronic health issues or wanting to maintain their youthful appearance. She offers insights into the holistic approach to wellness and provides tips and strategies for implementing these practices in your own life.

Eva's Experience

Through her own experience, Vennari has become an advocate for natural health and wellness, encouraging others to take control of their health and well-being. Owning Your Beauty is a must-read for anyone looking for a holistic approach to health and wellness to help them feel and look their best.

In conclusion, Owning Your Beauty is a powerful and inspiring book that chronicles Eva Vennari's journey to health and wellness. By sharing her story and providing practical advice and guidance, Vennari offers a roadmap for anyone struggling with chronic health issues or wanting to maintain their youthful appearance. This book is a valuable resource for anyone who is looking for a holistic approach to wellness that can help them live their best life.

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