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Instant Life Hack to Reclaim Your Self-love & Self-worth

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Guest Blog Post By Abbie Lorene

The Weight of the World

Have you ever felt like the world's weight was not only just sitting on your shoulders but also drowning you? When the world's importance became too much, I knew I needed a life vest. The constant needs of the world felt like cinder blocks shackled around me. Each block represented a different challenge.

I sunk deeper with every “yes” and each task I took on. Until one day, I found myself drowning. I could no longer wade in the water. As a mother, I barely keep my head above water. I was drowning myself. Once I could no longer fight against those blocks one by one, I decided to break free of the shackles.

Instant Life Hack?

The truth is there is no instant fix. Breaking free did not happen overnight, actually not even in a year—three years of really hard and, at times, exhausting internal emotional work. However, with consistency and accountability, each day, it gets easier.

Each day I got closer to my goal of self-worth. I picked a handful of Strong women to play a critical role in supporting my journey. These women will allow you to lean on them and walk through your healing journey.

Rise like a Phoenix

I turned my pain into my purpose, fueling my passion. My goal is to remind women they are worthy, loved, and belong. This movement and call to action uplift and encourage youth’s daughters, inspiring them to take the initiative to uplift and speak life into their peers, including their friend-enemies (might include them).

Generations of Impact

I turned my pain into my passion. My book, My Walk, My Way, is now available everywhere, including my SHOP - Abbie Lorene. Chapter 9, Generations of Impact, is my journey from the consuming & chaotic darkness to Peace, Light, and Joy. I speak to the unhealthy, beauty paradigm that plagues so many women.

In a world filled with comparison negative self-talk that has become generational, I remind women they are worthy and belong. I am creating an initiative and call to action for all daughters. This movement is to uplift and encourage youth daughters. Inspiring them to take the intuitive to uplift and speak life into their peers, including their friend-enemies(we all have them, might include them).

Chapters from 10 bestselling Co-Authors

These chapters are filled with encouragement from some unique & fierce women I respect. It was an honor & pleasure to write with nine strangers (I knew Angela). You will not be disappointed reading some of the most diverse yet relatable life circumstances women face daily. As you dive into each story, you’ll see a commonality connecting us as women. We may not have walked a mile in their shoes, but each did a superb job taking the reader along their journey. Our stories offer up hope, love, and healing.

Play in the rain

I bring you to the parts of my life where I have learned to dance in the rain. We will always be in the midst of a brewing storm. We provide you not with a map but with an umbrella. It's up to you how you utilize it. The rain is guaranteed to come and go. Forge a path of your beauty.

I encourage & challenge you to change your perspective. Protect yourself through the storm or dance by taking in nature's everchanging beautiful mess. How will you transition from less than desirable circumstances to moving through them with gratitude for the lessons it taught you?

My Tribe

At the end of this writing project, all 10 Authors become part of my Tribe. Our stories offer real struggles faced daily by women. We are not better than you because of where we are in our seasons of life. I share how I went from dangerous living circumstances, abuse, trauma, grief, teen pregnancy, adoption, & mental health struggles.

It took thirty-five years & coming to the brink of death before I could fully appreciate what life had to offer. Consistent uncomfortable, unfamiliar situations pushed me towards the growth and healing I desperately needed. No lie, it was hard work.

There is no instant change overnight. It is a series of intentional, repeated healthy patterns with accountability.

Each beautiful woman appreciates and understands the life that fills them with love and compassion. I have found that the most inspirational women I've encountered know defeat. These women have suffered, struggled, taken losses, all while navigating rip tides.

Surround yourself with a tribe of women who have to know those unexpected crashing waves. The women who have fought their way back to calm waters.

Throw away any thought that you're a failure. Life has many incredible highs and lows. When it doesn't go according to our plans, do not allow it to take you prisoner. Success can be defined and interpreted in so many ways.

Personally overcoming obstacles and persevering towards your goals, I call THAT success, even if it's a baby step. No two people will share the same journey. Permit yourself today to stop waiting for the perfect circumstances to rise like a phoenix.

Your Worthy and You Belong!

I pour my heart out to you today to remind you that you are valuable. You are more than the hurtful negative words you have thought about yourself!

To every daughter: YOU are loved. YOU are worthy. YOU are perfect, Imperfect. YOU are enough and allowed to love yourself without limits.

Integrative Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Advocate for Victims of Domestic Violence

Join us Tuesday, March 15th at 6:30 pm mountain for the interview

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