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Joy is Not Just for Christmas

Guest Blog by Louise Pistole

Joy is Not Just for Christmas


As we enter the month of Christmas, everyone is thinking more about joy. Actually, joy is not just for Christmas. Joy is being fully aware of God’s presence in your life every day.

Joy is our natural default emotion. We come into this world as joyful beings and we are on Planet Earth to bask in that joy and expand our joy outward into the Universe.

One of the biggest benefits of being joyful is a sense of connection. You feel more connected to yourself, those you care about, and the world you live in.

However, there are times in our lives when we are not in a position to ‘choose joy.’ Whether it be grief, depression, anxiety, trauma, or any other heavy emotion, sometimes life saps every ounce of goodness from your life. It is at those times, I encourage you to look for moments of joy in your day. Just one small thing – a smile, the sunrise, a kind word - anything that you can hold on to. Continually remind yourself of this moment when you are feeling down.


As you spend more time expressing gratitude and being in a state of gratefulness, the more joy you will feel in your life. You are filling up your wellspring of joy. Joy is becoming your default emotion.

Then, when things happen that would test someone else’s patience, you can remain focused and calm. You draw on your wellspring of joy to keep you moving forward.

Joy and gratitude complement each other. If you are joyful, you are grateful. But also, if you are grateful, you are probably joyful.

We have just come through November – National Gratitude Month. Everyone was talking about all the things they are grateful for. But what if we could be thankful all year long? Imagine the blessings that could come your way. Imagine the joy that would fill your heart and soul.

You’ve heard me say it before – Gratitude is your pathway to joy.


Peace is joy at rest. Joyfulness is a happy, upbeat feeling. Yet when you feel happy but quiet, that is a peaceful feeling. It is a refreshing energy to calm and soothe you. It allows your body and mind to recharge and reset. Your peacefulness also has a ripple effect that will calm others around you.


With joy, gratitude, and peace in your heart, you become a beautiful version of a lighthouse. Your light has led you out of the shadows of darkness. Now it’s time to shine your light for others to follow you down the path to expressing gratitude and experiencing joy.

Just like lighting a second candle, the first candle loses nothing by sharing its flame. The same is true about sharing your internal light with others.


Light is love.

Love is service.

Service is joy.

Celebrate joy all year long – not just at Christmas.

Louise is a JOY Thinker! She brings her Southern charm and joyful inspiration as she encourages others to discover their own joy no matter where they are on their journey.

As Louise navigated her own difficult valleys in life, she emerged with a strong message of joy to share with other women. Her inspiration comes alive with real-life stories of hope, love, and faith. JOY really is her superpower!

Using both practical wisdom and Biblical truths, she guides others to seek what they are missing in life and to become the best version of themselves.

In life, two roads spread out before you: one is full of loss, and the other is full of joy.

If you thought you had the option to choose, you would walk down the path of endless joy every time.

Discover Your Joy will guide you to finding and choosing your joy. It is a daily inspirational book nourishing your spirit with gratitude, hope, and encouragement, every single day.

A quick inspirational read each morning will have you on your way to seek and experience true joy in your life.

Do you want to have abundant blessings in your life?

Do you need the inspiration to practice gratitude?

This book offers you:

  • Personal stories of gratitude to inspire you so you can increase the blessings that come your way.

  • Daily gratitude short lists so you’ll feel grateful without spending a huge amount of time thinking about what to write, and questions to prompt your writing.

  • Scripture relating to each week’s topic to encourage you on your gratitude walk so you are grounded in faith.

  • Beautiful full-color cover and interior. You’ll feel happier just opening the book to the lovely design allowing you to start your day on a positive note.

Both books, plus other journals, are available at


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