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Live Selling: Not Just For The "Big Brands "Anymore!

By Sunni Hearin

Live Selling: Not Just For The “Big Brands” Anymore!

Do you run a brick-and-mortar gift store, home goods store, chocolate/candy shop, or furniture store and want to increase sales? If you're a coach, consultant, or author, do you struggle to attract people to your brand, message, or products like books, coaching calls, or services? Don't worry—you're not alone, and there is a solution!

Since the pandemic in 2020, the globe has wholeheartedly turned to e-commerce and the use of social platforms to “get the word out” about their brands and sell more products and services. Live selling is not just for the big brands anymore. It’s for you and me!

What is Live Selling, Exactly? Like any good framework, we need to identify what “live selling” is and is not. It is not going live with straight pitching. Straight pitching is when you directly ask for money, and no other value is provided, and it sounds like this: “Hey! Buy my item! You need to buy this from me!” People will immediately think, “Hey! You don’t care about me! You only want my money!” Instead, we want to approach selling from a social-sharing or selling point of view. To succeed with social sharing and selling, we need to care about our audiences’ emotions. We want them to feel secure, happy, and confident that they can trust us, whether they buy from us or not.

When you make relationship-building the focus of your business, your audience will notice your genuine nature, and sales will become a by-product of their trusting you.

The secret is to build an audience of engaged consumers and exchange value with them the right way! Much like a tightrope walker, we want to balance the VALUE with the OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE/SELLING. This is easier than it might seem! Simply tell your audience when you will be offering and sharing products to them to keep them from feeling “surprised” or “offended” when you offer items for sale. The rest of the time, share behind-the-scenes information about your brand when you go live.

F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real: Keeping People Stuck! Many people are scared to go live and are being blocked by “F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real). Public speaking is still one of the most feared activities on the planet! Most people are holding themselves back from live selling success by one or more of these false fears

Stage Fright

Fear of Judgement

Lack of Confidence

Technical Challenges

Fear of Failure

Insecurity about Appearance

Not Knowing the Audience

Pressure to Perform

In my book, LIVE Selling Secrets, I show you how to overcome all of these!

Consistency Over Time Builds Trust Going live once or twice in not enough. It has been proven that 99% of consumers need to see or interact with a brand between 5 and 12 times before they “know, like, and trust” a brand enough to make a purchase. So: let’s build that warm market of people who like you and your brand! Next, let’s look at 3 reasons why every business owner/entrepreneur/author needs to start or continue to go live:

  1. Builds Trust with Instant Feedback Live selling allows businesses to interact and connect with their customers in real time, fostering a deeper level of human connection and engagement that is lost through online transactions.

  2. Demonstrations and Education allow for Adaptability and Flexibility Who doesn’t love “edu-tainment”? Edutainment is a fun blend of education and entertainment that allows creators and livestreamers to show processes, training, and behind-the-scenes videos that people love to watch! Businesses can adapt their strategies and messaging on the fly.

In my book, LIVE Selling Secrets, I show you how to overcome all of these!

  1. Increased Sales with a Completive Edge As live selling enables businesses to demonstrate products and services, answer questions, and address concerns instantly, this leads to people knowing, liking, and trusting you faster, and wanting your products quickly! Since most social media platforms are free, this can save you money and grow your followers at the same time while giving your brand a competitive edge.

Live selling via social media is here to stay! Embracing live selling and marketing can give your business a competitive edge. Will you be next? Are you ready to push F.E.A.R. aside? I hope to see you online!

JOIN SUNNI HEARIN on the BEACON of LIGHT PODCAST on July 25, 2023, 6:30 pm

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