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Making a Choice to Follow Light!

By April Tribe Giauque

Making Choices

Making a Choice to Follow Light!

When we share our testimonies about what we believe is beautiful, I find it an excellent way to express our lives. Today, I’m sharing with all of you what I believe in. Why is that? Because today my eighth child, who is eight years old, has decided to follow Christ and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Come to Christ

Coming to Christ and following him in all things is the journey of being a disciple, and helping others to feel God’s love is a beautiful thing. For all of us here on earth, we can’t follow God perfectly—there will be mistakes in the journey because we mess up a lot. But because I believe in God, God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, there is a direction I can go.

When I think about the world and the different beliefs, religions, etc., I think about first and foremost that we are all Children of God. We are all family, and you have the agency to believe what you feel is right in the family. You have the agency to make the choices in your life that can lead you towards that innate goodness and light in others, or your can turn away from it.

No Blame Game

I mean that all of us will be responsible for our individual choices and not for someone else. I can’t use the blame game. I’m the one on the court playing and the decisions I make while “in the game” are up to me.

Also, that makes me very aware of following the first two great commandments to Love the Lord first with all that I have to love my neighbor as myself. When my mind wants to jump and judge, I have to remind myself to love, love, not perfectly, but with kindness and forgiveness.

With that being said, I believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all humanity may be saved, meaning I rely on Christ daily to help me repent (Hallelujah!), use His grace to restore wrongs, and by exercise obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel, I will stay on the right path.


My daughter April Rose “Rosie” Giauque has decided to follow Christ today by getting baptized fully immersed in water in the Name of Christ for the remission of sins. She is exercising Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, learning how to repent daily. Following her baptism, she will have her grandpa, who holds the priesthood, lay his hands on her for the gift of the Holy Ghost.

I’m so excited to see Rosie make this decision; in fact, many of the family have come together to be a part of this ordinance today. I have a little video attached to this to show you how the baptism will go, but more importantly, I just wanted to share this day with all of you.

I’ll share pictures as well because I think it is important to remember her day that she accepted the Lord and wanted to follow Him.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Remember that you are light, you have light, and you can amplify the light in others by loving and serving them. Share your stories with us often. I love to help others feel and see more light!

Video here

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