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Memory Beads Breathe Life into Grief

Beacon of Light Favorite Things Part 2


Memories are those precious moments from the past of times we shared with others and cherished. They are the foundation of new and old traditions where we try to recreate those feelings of love, peace, hope, happiness, laughter, encouragement, accomplishments, and moments of sadness for what was and for true giving.

Memories reflect the moments we want to cherish and stories of what, when, where, how, why, and who the people and places are vital to us.


I recently lost my daughter Susie and my mom, Shirley; when someone comments my Remembrance Beads - Story Starter keychain attached to my bag, purse, backpack, briefcase, shirt, or elsewhere, I tell a precious story. Each bead and charm can reflect a different story or experience.

I share one bead that reminds me of my mom Shirley as she was a real character, and her laughter and smile could brighten any room instantly. Another bead reminds me of my daughter Susie and my favorite visual of her riding a jet ski flying across the water, hair blowing in the wind, a radiant smile as her glorious laughter floated across the water. Both stories make me smile in remembrance, and others usually laugh along with me and tell me a story or two of their loved ones.

Remembrance Beads

Those Remembrance Beads let me tell a story in a nonthreatening and comfortable fashion, which brings me happiness at sharing a memory and story; it also allows the other person to share a memory and story, which brightens both our days remembering someone special or an event.

Story Starters

This season get your Remembrance Beads - Story Starter keychain for yourself or others on your wish list. It may be the gift of hope, healing, and love that goes beyond this moment that helps them remember and share their stories of precious cherished people or moments gone by that live on through our storytelling. Wear yours and when others notice, tell them of its importance and share a story reflected by one of the beads. What’s your account?

All donations today of $30 or more will support our 501c3 nonprofit, Susie Q’s Kids, which provides comfort bags to kids in need in local hospitals, shelters, foster care agencies, and those supporting kids grieving the loss of loved ones. Together we can make a difference brightening the life of a child! Dr. Mary Welsh 248-220-6846


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