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Navigating the Journey of Love: From Fairy Tale Fantasies to Lasting Relationships

Guest Podcast from Dorela Iepan

Have you ever daydreamed about living a love story straight from a fairy tale? I certainly have daydreamed about living a love story straight from a fairy tale—the notion of "happily ever after" has always captivated me. However, the path to finding true love often mirrors those narratives, filled with unexpected obstacles and wrong turns.

Let me offer you a glimpse into my personal journey. At 27, having experienced the end of two significant relationships, I questioned whether my ideal partner truly existed. Little did I know that he was about to enter my life and sweep me off my feet in a whirlwind of profound affection.

While love does exist in our world, I soon discovered that nurturing and sustaining it to make it last forever is a more intricate endeavor. In 2020, just before the global impact of Covid-19, I believed my fairy tale had reached its conclusion, and there was no turning back. However, as fate would have it, miracles often unfold when we least expect them, particularly when we have exhausted our efforts and surrendered to a higher power.

A friend introduced me to a webinar focused on the secret of abundance; there was a much broader understanding of abundance beyond mere material wealth. Inspired by this newfound perspective, I decided to participate, and after four weeks, I found myself rekindling love with my husband, discovering that our feelings were mutual. Though uncertain about the future, we trusted the journey and took one step at a time, leading to a more beautiful relationship with each passing day.

A year later, I authored a book entitled "The Perfect Relationship," initially published in Romanian and later in English as "And They Lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER" in 2022, followed by a French edition in 2023.

It's truly remarkable how my once seemingly insurmountable path has transformed into a source of inspiration for people worldwide. However, my book is not centered around my personal story; it offers 28 days of exercises designed to guide you on your own path to love.

If there's one crucial takeaway I'd like to share with you today, it's the power of DAILY GRATITUDE. Practicing gratitude can shift your emotions, improve your well-being, and attract what you desire in life by acknowledging and appreciating what you already have.

Within the book, I provide a range of tools to incorporate into your daily routine. While it may be challenging to select just one, I present four steps that will help you achieve a Perfect Relationship:

Step 1: Clarify your desires - The book will guide you in creating a comprehensive list outlining your ideal relationship, including your desired partner and your aspirations. By knowing your destination, you'll be better equipped to recognize when you've arrived.

Step 2: Connect with an elderly person and dedicate regular quality time to them. Devoting just one hour weekly will give you the nourishment needed to progress toward your relationship goals.

Step 3: Act on Step 2 by meeting the chosen person weekly. Pay close attention to your emotions and feelings throughout this process, as they play a vital role. Engaging in this activity with joy and happiness is crucial, as your partner will likely mirror your disposition.

Step 4: Embrace happiness and celebrate your actions. Reflect on the time spent with your chosen companion as frequently as possible.

I strongly advise consistently maintaining this 4 Steps Action Plan, even after attaining the romantic relationship you've always dreamed of.

To delve deeper into my journey and explore the resources I offer, you can visit my website at

There, you'll find a link to purchase my book “And They Lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER” on Amazon, information about one-on-one sessions (where I combine Body Code, Emotion Code, EFT, Meditation, and Diamond Cutter tools), and details about the transformative Heal Your Past Relationships Program. If you're unsure which option to choose, please book a clarity call through this link:

You can find me on:


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