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Networking Essentials for Success

A 7-Step Journey to Accomplish Your Goals Through Authentic Relationships and Connected Communities

Guest Blog Post by Chris Borja

Everyone knows the importance of networking, but unfortunately, most never learned how!

Chris has been interviewed by LES BROWN about his book Networking Essentials for Success.

As well as Ken Walls about how to it is essential to network your way to a better business. Chris really knows his stuff.

This book will help new and seasoned networkers to efficiently accomplish their goals through a proven 7-step journey that creates results in a fun and authentic way.

Chris understands the struggle first-hand as someone who is not a natural networker or salesperson.

He eventually learned through perseverance, trial by fire, and many cringe-worthy moments! In this book, you'll shortcut the learning curve and ditch outdated sales strategies that no longer work in today's world.

Say hello to new doors of opportunity opening for you and goodbye to fear, anxiety, and rejection!

Additionally, you'll...

  • Get crystal clear on your business goals and create a game plan to achieve them faster through your network.

  • Establish systems and tools to organize and build genuine relationships by serving and adding value.

  • Discover where to meet good people and how to navigate different types of events.

  • Learn the secrets to building your brand and creating a true community, so you'll never have to do cold outreach again.

  • Stop leaving opportunities on the table and create mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships for bigger wins.

Take a peek inside, and let's begin this journey together!

Chris is an award-winning Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant on the topic of Business Networking.

He is the Founder of Become a Better Networker, Founder of the CONNECTED Networking Group, CEO of Borja Virtual Conferences and Events, and Founder of the Networking Breakthrough Academy.

For the first 37 years of his life, Chris suffered from extreme shyness, introversion, and a fear of social settings.

Now that he has overcome those challenges, Chris is working to create better networkers, stronger businesses, and connected communities!

Chris’ training provides an experience that’ll change your perspective on “networking,” improve your relationships and grow your business.

I can't wait to talk to Chris on the BEACON OF LIGHT PODCAST tomorrow night at 6:30 pm MDT. Come and find out how networking is the key to your success!



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