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Number One Way to Make More Sales Inside Your Business

Do you struggle to make more sales inside your business?

Do you have a good product or service but are afraid to “get the message out”?

Don’t worry; you are NOT alone!

Most people become tongue-tied or can feel ashamed when they go to promote their products…

Perhaps they feel guilty or are scared people will think less of them or that they are too “salesy” and will be seen as “sleazy” …

But what if there is a way to grow your audience each and every day and provide value that is NOT scummy or slimy…would it be worth it?

I think so!

Communicating with your potential customer and clients in a One to Many model is the key to your success. Or, as Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “Come with me if you want to live” I like to say, “Go LIVE if you want to live!”

Who is Sunni Hearin?

If we haven’t met, my name is Sunni Hearin, and I am the author of the book “Live Selling Secrets: The Top-Secret Formula For 10x’ing Your Physical Product Sales Online.”

In the past three years, I have discovered a simple, repeatable four-part framework that coaches, authors, and brick-and-mortar businesses can use to grow their audience using automation exponentially AND create a PREDICTABLE sales machine using live selling, all while creating goodwill with your future customers.

Some might say, “That’s cool, but who is Sunni Hearin, and why would I trust her?”


In the past 36 months alone, I have helped my clients scale to over $500,000 in sales using this simple framework.


One of my clients, Keith Cerone, is a glass blower/artist who has an Etsy store and was thankful if he ever made one sale in his store. When I met him in 2019, he had his glass items stashed all around his house, hidden in his closet, under stairs, under the bed, taking up space because he could never sell many of them in his Etsy store; just an occasional 1-2 sales per week.

Keith was dismayed, as he had gone to school to master sculpture and glass blowing, and was led to believe by the world that it would be QUICK and EASY to sell his items to the world, but it was anything but.

To get a sale of his items, he would have to ask local galleries to show his work and the occasional sale on Etsy, or spend a ton of money on setting up a booth at a craft fair or regional market and hope that the right person would walk by and want to purchase his art.

These craft shows often left him in the negative, and he felt like there was NO HOPE…he was barely making rent, driving an old beat-up car that he could see through the floor of, and praying to the universe for a solution.

Then, in the winter of 2019, all of that changed.

Sunni reached out to Keith and was able to help him bring his brand online on Facebook and Instagram for the first time.

We built a community of people who love glass art by running simple Facebook ads. Then, as the community grew, Keith could go live inside of this private community and offer his items for sale.

The results have been staggering!

Keith was able to push past his fear of going live and not knowing what to say, and over time, he learned precisely what to say and when to get the sale inside the group.

Now, he comfortably enjoys $5,000 weeks and with $20k-$30K+ months consistently on autopilot.

Sunni had implemented the four-part framework now known as the L. I. V. E. Selling Secrets framework to help business owners build a community on autopilot, invite people to their community, start going live, net sales for the first time, and evolve and scale their community and their laser-targeted buyers.

So, if you are tired of using “prayer marketing” (“please Lord…I need a sale!”) and are ready to take the sales of your products and services to the next level using live selling, then Live Selling Secrets is for you!

Join us tomorrow, July 26, 2022 at 6:30 pm Mountain for the BEACON OF LIGHT Interview that will knock your socks off!

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