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One Child's Sound of Freedom!

By April Tribe Giauque

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So this is the miracle of Jesus…The Sound of Freedom.

A child singing gentle, fun, playing. Light.

Another hears it. Wants it. Desires it. And forms a plan to have it.

The child, unaware, sings louder and brighter. Almost calling to the world to look at his beauty.

One answers—Satan. Giving praise and Half-truths Then an opportunity to showcase his talent to the world. Then…

Confusion, then Darkness. Wickedness.

Suddenly, Evil is perpetrated on a child. The child is wounded deeply.

His song of innocence was cut short. His cry was silenced, but in his heart, his prayer was sent. “Help me! Save us! I’m not for sale!”

Like a song, the powerful prayer sounded the freedom cry towards God… tinkling through the heavens and Galaxies and landing in heaven. It was heard.

That prayer reached Heavenly Father, and He dispatched an Angel who soared from the skies and landed in the heart of a “Man of God” found in 1 Timothy 6:11.

In faith and power, Timothy saved, rescued, and physically removed that boy placing him into God's light that was gentle and warm.

As like a new seed, this child was planted into safety. God's love enveloped the child in a song of hope.

It was warm and loving, coaxing a child-like seed to crack open and spill its pain--Jesus held the child and whispered softly, "I'm here. I'm here."

As the child shared his story with Jesus, he purged the dark pain into the deep soil, and the lord tucked him into the nurturing place. “You are safe. You are worthy. My blood has cleansed and saved you. You are not for sale.”

In the place of deep love and Grace, the child felt it and allowed the warmth to break through his nearly empty shell and fill it with light.

Now facing Jesus, the child made a decision to trust again. With that trust came hope. He wondered if he could dream, play, and sing again.

Now into the light, he suddenly shared a smile, laughter, and hope that the nightmare was over. He, like a tender bud just barely starting to leaf out, started to find a rhythm and quietly beat it on his Leg. Da, dah, da, da. Da, dah, da, da.

The child trusted that and took more rhythmic notes forward toward more Light, and he even tried to sing. “Sing. I’m here. Try again,” the child felt Christ say again.

The child took in a shaking breath and began to play, drum, and sing again. As the notes came forth, confidence was built. “Sing!” Said Jesus. “Sing.” As the notes rang out, the darkness was dispelled and shattered.

His melody lifted and surrounded all the heroes and carried out toward those children still trapped, but not for long.

The world fights the heroes, trying to block them from saving the children, but the child’s song rings out, and Jesus guides them.

The world screams again and sends media storms to sever the Children’s song, but not for long.

The child’s song has been unleashed forward as The Sound of Freedom—The Sound of Freedom!

The Sound of Freedom echoes out from the child’s heart to ours—never to be quieted again.

The heroes have suited up, armed by power with the armies of Jesus and Heaven from the Almighty. They do not hesitate!

The child’s song continued, now joined by younger voices. “We are not for sale! We are not for sale! We are Not for Sale!”

That is The Sound of Freedom. Let it ring!!

**Thank you to all the people, teams, actors, directors, Angel Studios etc, who brought the Sound of Freedom Movie to us in a visual format, for awareness to penetrate our hearts, and to Tim Ballard, who was brave enough like Captain Moroni and cried, “for our wives, our children, and our God….God’s children are not for sale!”

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