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Rescue Me!

Local Author Publishes 1st book in Series: Rescue Me

by Andi Pray

What to expect:

Mouse grew up on the streets with very little memory of a life before and had no idea how long she had lived this

way. She is forced to walk the streets and provide pleasure for money; she is under the thumb of a notorious drug lord, Silas Blaine. After the death of one of her friends, Mouse hangs up her heels and starts to fight back by taking her family off the streets one by one. This puts a target on her back and attracts the attention of FBI Special Agent Jean-Paul Walker and his team.

Mouse is not big on trust, especially law enforcement. Yet, as Silas sees Mouse take a young boy out of the neighborhood, a clean slate order is made, and time is running out.

About the Author:

The Month of January is all about Human Trafficking Awareness.

Andi Pray is the Penname behind the series, Rescue Me, released January 11, 2022, for International Human Trafficking Day. Although Rescue Me is fictional, the topic is very real.

Andi moved from Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Ashland, Ohio, one month before the pandemic lockdown of 2020 and used the time to write her book and several storylines for the series. Published through Author Academy Elite, her second book in the series, Mina, will launch on July 30, 2022, for World Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Human Trafficking is not isolated to one area, color, gender, race, religion, socioeconomic, or ethnicity. It is an all-of-us-problem that will take all of us not just to shut it down but help heal the survivors.

What people are saying about Rescue Me:

"Rescue Me is a fictional tale of real-life tragedy and triumph of spirit. It's an emotional roller coaster with a riveting storyline." –Daphne V. Smith, Coach, Speaker, Author What’s YOUR Scarlet Letter: Recognize your hurts, Release your shame, Reclaim your voice.

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