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Shatter the Shame of Sexual Abuse

Guest Blog Post for Unite in Light DV Awareness Conference by Andrea Jones

Shatter the Shame of Sexual Abuse Unlock the Secrets to Freedom, Embrace your True Identity, and Love who you were created to be.

What happens to your life experience when you leave the brokenness behind? It looks like your dreams are coming to life in the most exponential way. Bigger, greater, more fulfilling than you could ever imagine.

  • It tastes like your favorite meal served on a silver platter in your favorite restaurant, surrounded by your favorite people.

  • It feels like wonder, love, and delight dancing with success, holding an engraved plaque with your name on it.

  • It sounds like your favorite song, singing words of praise to the beat of your life.

  • It smells like victory.

Who is Andrea S. Jones? I'm Andrea S. Jones, Author of the #1 Best Selling Book, “I Am Not Your Prey,” and host of the bi-annual Live Fearless Summit. I have shared my story of overcoming childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence both locally and Internationally. I have been featured on K-Praise Frontline Radio and, most recently, on the Shine365 podcast with host Sherri Belmar. Child sexual abuse and domestic violence leave invisible marks. It is in the exposure and embracing of the broken places that we find the greatest healing.

In my book, I Am Not Your Prey, we see the grooming process played out as Andrea's Mother embraces a perpetrator. As he captures the hearts of the extended family and friends, he eventually wins Andrea over, only to betray her trust. This shines a light on the coping mechanisms and courage a child develops in response to sexual abuse. I Am Not Your Prey is my story. I know better than anyone the feelings of shame and unworthiness that can permeate a survivor's life. My teen years were filled with strife and rebellion. Alcohol and substance abuse covered the pain and anxiety that permeated my being. There were years of unbridled anger and self-destructive behavior. Though I kept silent about the abuse at home, eventually, the truth came out. At the age of 20, I testified against my stepfather, only to have him leave the country to avoid his arraignment. Feeling completely defeated after mustering up the courage to testify, only to have him leave the country, I was left to pick up the pieces. The walkthrough and beyond the trauma is what have inspired me to share my story. Book 1 of the Shattering Shame series is published and focuses on exposing the grooming process of Child Sexual Abuse. Book 2 will shed light on domestic violence. I Am On a Mission kicked off March 25th, 2023, to impact 1 Million Souls with three book series, speaking events, Live Fearless Summit, a writing contest, and a book club w/coaching. As of August 31, 2023, we are at 18,200 souls reached. For every ten books purchased of I Am Not Your Prey, I donate a book to a sexual abuse victim. So, what's coming next? I am so glad you asked. On October 10th, 2023 (which also happens to be my wedding anniversary) I will be speaking on the 4th Annual Unite in Light DV Conference on the topic "Working through and beyond trauma".

Ways to Connect.

My website: FacebookGroup: Here you will find some wonderful free resources, including a 6 session series on the 6 steps of grooming. Videos and .pdfs that you can download and use to stay informed. Instagram: Coming January 2024 -Crushing the Power of the Predator (Stay Tuned) Coming Feb-March 2024-Live Fearless II -It's gonna be EPIC!

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