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Sometimes, Our Hearts Need a Horse

Guest Blog Post by Lynnea Honn

Sometimes our hearts need to express our love for our passions in poetry and verse. My guest, Lynnea Honn, is such a person to help you escape into the magical reality that the horse can deliver you to—whether in the saddle, in the pasture, or in the barn, you will feel the magic.

Birthed into the mystery of the horse

Soul opens to the infinite ridable source.

Sliding down the arced neck of a sunbeam

Passion pours pure, a heart-pulsing dream

To gallop unbound, in spirit and strength,

With power and pride, a whole lifetime’s length.

What words do you use to describe your deepest passion? How do you express your desires of heart and soul?

In my writings, I use words describing the spirit bridge, the reach for experiential oneness. These words include God, Holy Spirit, Oneness…… These are not religious-based words but words to take us to a place that contains wholeness, the completeness of the horse/human experience. And it is not limited to this relationship. As we explore this one relationship, we discover life is all about relationships.

This is just a spanning of one passion for unity to a passion for unity in all of life. The very word “unity” holds its opposite, disunited or separate. In our quest for the perfect ride, we seek unity on this level. This amazing, beautiful connection we have with horses is but a schooling place for our bigger connection with all Life. This connection is in a relationship, knowing that we are part of a whole ecosystem held in balance within our living home, the Earth, the Solar System, The Milky Way, and The Universe.

Was I born with a passion for horses? I don’t know. I was born with a passion for life; horses are the epitome of life - energy, rhythm, beauty, symmetry, mystery, and a primordial connection to earth and heaven. I have spent much of my life in the pursuit of understanding the unifying essence created in the horse/human relationship. I have learned that there are no words to describe that instant of unity when bodies and minds meld into one intent, one dance, one expression.

When I was young, I spent my summers on the beach in a Southern California bay along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Swimming out just past the breakers, I would allow my body to float on the surface of the undulating movement of the sea, letting go and allowing the rhythmic surge of the water to hold and carry me.

Just as I was lifted by the pulsing swell of the ocean, in that place where release and tension are held together in mutual and balanced suspension, there is that moment when horse and rider release to the other, allowing form and movement to hold and carry them in one intent.

In the presence of Horse, I feel as though I am at the breast of the Mother; I hear her heartbeat, taste her breath, know her power, and I am accepted into that moment, that being. I am a piece of her and at peace with myself. It has been that way since the beginning, the first encounter. I credit my fourth year of life as the year I was inducted into the Tribe of Horse by a gentle Palm Springs gelding who took the time and interest to introduce himself and the world of horses to me.

From the Heart of a Horsewoman: HORSE, A Bridge Between Matter and Spirit is my search for the depth of the horse/human relationship through pondering, poetry, and study of the multifaceted interactions that bring such wonderful satisfaction to mind, body, and soul. I explore the practical and spiritual aspects of this amazing interspecies entanglement. I believe that Horse is a bridge between matter and spirit if we are open to that journey. I want to share what that paradigm means to me.


We of the Tribe of Horse

Are invited into Life Spirit

Through an eye gentle and bold,

A breath that vibrates nostril,

Blasts the bugle charge of YES,

A heart and beat that pulls us

Into Life coherence,

Hoof fall that strums the earth

Entangling us in Life’s rhythm.

Horse is Bridge from outer to inner

Until we have learned ourselves

The trail of Our Path.

Horse takes us from the world of “stuff.”

To the integration of oneness,

Always holding the space,

Always present for those not yet awake.

Giving us a veiled glimpse of who

We really are.

Horse is.

I am.

To connect with Lynnea Honn

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