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The Invisible Weapon-Financial Abuse!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Guest blog: Estelle Gibson

The invisible Weapon-Physical abuse leaves visible bruises and scars.

Financial abuse doesn't... it leaves inner bruises and scars.

What is Financial Abuse?

Financial abuse occurs when someone is in a relationship and another person has power over them because they don’t have access to money, information, resources, or a way out.

Have you found yourself in this situation? What can you do? Get your FREE TICKETS here so that you can gain Estelle's free PDF.

Can you break free from fear, confusion, and self-sabotage with money and learn how to manage your money in simple customized ways? YES! My name is Estelle Gibson, and I can show you how.

I help women going through a major life change or challenge break free from financial dependency and overwhelm so they can rebuild their lives financially and emotionally and live the life of their dreams.

Three years ago, I spoke at a TEDx event and shared this:

Estelle Gibson is a CPA and Financial, Business and Life Coach. She’s committed to helping women break free from financial dependency and overwhelm by empowering them to move past their limiting beliefs and to implement powerful money strategies.

Estelle presented her first TED talk in 2019 and is a member of Toastmasters International. She is also the author of an upcoming book to help women take the courageous journey from Financial Dependency to Financial Freedom.

With over 35 years of professional experience as a CPA, she’s worked with individuals and companies, from small privately-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies in various industries.

Join us on OCT 20th at 6:30 pm to know more!!

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