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The Number One Thing Jim Edwards Taught Me!

By April Tribe Giauque


I wrote my book! YEAH! But… now what? Who, besides a few friends and family, would buy it?

Let me tell you a quick story.

There I was, with an incredible story, but I had a significant problem and needed a fast solution.

I had to figure out how to sell my book to try to recoup the publication costs.


The problem was I had no clue how to sell anything—let alone sell my books online, and the thought of selling and asking people to buy my book felt like begging; and hones I thought I would need to turn into a sleazy seller. “Wanna buy a watch?” UG! Seriously???

I was a member of an author group, and a few authors were getting sales. I looked at how others were selling and started copying their tactics, but I soon had to do 18 different things to get one sale. But honestly, it felt like a “high school popularity competition,” and you needed to become the teacher’s pet to finally get help to make a sale.

To make matters worse, I had no marketing knowledge when it came down to it. I had no idea what the term Copywriting even meant! And, I felt like the biggest imposter: frustrated, fearful—feeling like an idiot, not knowing the questions to ask. It felt like selling my book was hopeless.

So I cried…then after a good headache, I wiped my face, honked my nose, and started to do some research. (Sidenote Fear held me back–so much I didn’t even know what questions to ask, even to ask google—like it never even occurred to me!)


But, after some mindset work, careful thought, research, and inspiration, I found a solution.

Truthfully, an incredible man was placed in my path as a direct answer to prayer—Jim Edwards. Now I didn’t know who he was. I had to start looking at Youtube and Google, and man….I was BLOWN AWAY! HE is like the Mary Lou Retton of Copywriting!

I jumped on board and started taking notes as fast as possible!! In fact, here are some of the details of what happened next.

At a conference, I watched Jim’s demonstration of his software, Author Wizards. Here it was! The Copywriting secret I had been waiting for. I couldn’t believe what I saw and how little he was selling it!


I was so pumped from the conference and ready to roll that what did I do? I froze. The SHAME SHADOW ATTACKED! I started to doubt myself; I started listening to the negative voices!

I had only played with the software for about 1 hour and then didn’t use it for 20 days. I was lost even though I was holding a tool in my hand.


This is how I thought about it (please inset your best “valley voice” to this dialogue).

“Like what are all of these fields for? Like there are a billion questions that don’t really match what I’m doing.”

“Like, I’m like a real writer…this software is like Mad-Libs.

“Like my writing is poetic and amazing! I’m so much better than that!”

Well, I’m embarrassed and sad to report that nothing happened because I never really used it—I know! Can you believe it??

I kept doing the same routine, hoping for a different result. (I now understand how you can make yourself go insane.


So after another prayer, I felt a nudge–like a Godly nudge:

Just play with it. You’re paying for it anyway.

Finally! I had had enough, and I started playing with it. And, almost as if by magic, the problem was solved.

I went from frustrated, fearful, and feeling like an idiot with no clue how to sell my book to elated and confident, and I know how to write copy so that I could market my books/products.


Copywriting was the first BIG step to overcoming my lack of selling my books. There were a few more—but I’ll save those for another time.

I wanted to show you how to get the same copywriting results for yourself, no matter how desperate your circumstances may seem right now.


I invite you to my Beacon of Light Podcast on July 19, 2022, at NOON MDT and join me as I INTERVIEW JIM EDWARDS!

Oh, and by the way, to prepare for the interview, here is Jim’s book COPYWRITING SECRETS for FREE! (just pay shipping and handling) COP

***Tomorrow, I’ll share how this whole interview came about*** so make sure you show up for that.


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