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The Number One Way to Overcome Insecurity

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Guest Blog Iuvina Basile

Ever wonder what God thinks about insecurities?

How does He feel about the negative self-talk that is brought on by insecurities caused by trauma?

Yeah, I didn’t either until he gave me a specific understanding in May 2018.

God has a secret, and when you find it...insecurity melts away.

His ways are not my ways; His thoughts are not my thoughts One of the most accurate statements ever made. After all, why would a perfect God choose a scared, insecure woman who didn’t like herself, let alone love herself, to write a book about trauma, insecurities, His love, and the spiritual warfare behind it all?

And so, I became Jonah—in the belly of the beast of rebellion, running away from the calling due to fear, pain, self-hate, and every emotion in between.

Until I stopped running, dropped to my knees, and surrendered. At that moment, I began to heal from the very trauma I was scared to face. What is the number one way to overcome insecurity? Turn to God. He is the only way, and he will walk with you through your journey. I know that seems too simple, but the truth is often just simple. Now, it's not always easy, but it is that simple.

Today I know who and whose I am. I know how to walk in victory and embrace God’s love. Trauma doesn’t control me; low-self esteem no longer dictates my life.

God took me on a healing journey, growing my faith and walking in victory. The enemy and his plan have failed. I have found freedom from trauma and self-hate, and I know with God you can too.

The takeaways

  • Identify your Trauma

  • Understand God’s love for you

  • Know you, enemy

  • Walk in Victory

After all, beloved, we are Abba’s Little Princesses.

Join us Tuesday, September 2oth at 6:30 pm Mountain Time for an incredible interview.

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