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Transforming Your Struggle into Your Greatest Blessing

Guest Blog Post

David Branderhorst

Is there something deep inside your heart that you want to share with the world? Something that would bless others and provide a way to support yourself and your family? If so, we are kindred spirits.

Hi, my name is David Branderhorst and I am the co-founder of Design, Launch Grow, a coaching program designed to help authors, coaches, and speakers turn their ideas into successful businesses that change the world.


My story began on a farm in a small town in Iowa. I was the youngest of four boys and spent my days driving tractors and sneaking away to my favorite fishing holes.

As the years went by, I knew farming wasn’t in my blood. I wanted to go into business and the prospect of selling information that would transform people's lives was appealing to me. But I didn’t know where to start, so I chose a career in banking instead.

During those years, I held a variety of positions and received a first-class education on how businesses work and what made them successful.

After 13 years, I knew my time in banking was coming to a close. I was now married with three young children. We both had full-time careers and something had to give. I felt God leading me away, so I became a stay-at-home dad and focused on my family.


A few years later, my wife received a promotion that moved us to Columbus, Ohio. We were eager for the opportunity, so we packed up our family and hit the road. Before long, the children were spending their days in school. They no longer needed me the way they did before and I knew the next chapter of my life was upon me.

I had met a pastor with a desire to sell his books and create courses around his material. Our skill sets were complementary, so we decided to partner together.

We took our ideas and created courses, experiences, and coaching programs around them. This grew into a highly successful business generating millions of dollars per year. Through all this, I became an expert in course building, advertising, and online marketing.

We were impacting thousands of people’s lives and making a healthy living doing it.

It appeared I had reached the promised land until one fateful day.


I had just finished attending a conference and received a phone call from my business partner. He wanted to discuss some challenges we were having and asked a mutual friend to sit in on the discussion.

While that seemed OK at first, I soon discovered this wasn’t a discussion. It was a betrayal. The ‘friend’ wasn’t there to mediate. He was representing my soon-to-be-former partner as his legal counsel. I was being stabbed in the back and forced out of the business.

Ten years of my life and countless hours spent building a highly successful business were being stripped away. I was devastated. The business represented my heart and soul and now it was gone.

It was only made worse by the lies being told to the clients to explain my absence.

· I was having a mental breakdown.

· Leaving the business was my idea.

· I was holding the business back.

All of it was untrue.


It’s often said God doesn’t waste anything. I believe this to be true.

Out of the ashes, God birthed a new business. While the foundation from the prior business was gone, my passion and desire to help people take their ideas and turn them into successful businesses still burned brightly.

Design Launch Grow was born. Free from the constraints of a dishonest business partner, I could now create a service that truly met the needs of the beginning entrepreneur.


Odds are you have a story as well. Perhaps you were betrayed by someone close to you. But you found your way out. In doing so, you gained wisdom and knowledge that would make a huge difference in someone’s life.

It could be the thing they need to break free from their prison and forever change their destiny. The question is – will you be their lifeline? Will you take your knowledge and expertise and package it in a way that others can benefit from?

In doing so, the rewards can be enormous. Financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you would like to learn more, click the image below to see what Design Launch Grow can do for you.

We look forward to helping you take your struggle and turning it into your greatest blessing!

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1 Comment

Lori A. Thompson
Lori A. Thompson
Aug 18, 2021

David, I pray the Lord blesses you beyond anything you could hope or think in your past business. Betrayal and contrivances only seem to work, for a time. It's a true pity your gifts were used as a step stool to reach the top (alone). It will be a hard fall when it comes. Thank you for sharing your story! Thank you for demonstrating a different model for success, with integrity.

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