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What are You Making Space For?

by Carolyn Warren

What are You Making Space For?

My husband and I recently moved to a new city, and our days are filled with getting our new environment in order. As I stand looking around this new house, it’s difficult to feel at home with boxes are stacked three high in every room.

Unpacking is the priority in our lives at the moment. Opening every box is overwhelming and tiring because a decision must be made about every item I remove from the box. What significance does it hold, and what space will it occupy in my new home? But I’m discovering that all of my treasures won’t make the cut!

In my new environment, they don’t have a location or purpose. They no longer fit, nor do they elicit the delight they once did. The fate of each item goes beyond its ability to enhance the décor or adhere to the architecture of the house; I am weighing each item on its ability to engage me emotionally, physically, and spiritually positively.

Now, I can’t believe that I wrapped these pieces with bubble wrap, taped them securely, carefully placed them in a box for safekeeping, and the connection I once felt is no longer there. What happened? What changed? I made space for new items! And that’s a good thing.

Instead of the traditional décor in my previous home, I decided to go with a modern theme. It’s lighter, with an open floor plan which feels more inviting. My new space reflects where I am today. I’ve changed my environment, and more importantly, I’ve changed my self-concept as well as the goals I want to pursue. Releasing the old allows us to accept what is new.

The move begins a new season of life, and I’m learning to travel light. Making a physical and emotional transition is creating a space that fits me NOW!

What criteria are guiding me through this process? How am I evaluating what remains and what items are sold or donated? It’s simple; change requires being present and assessing where we are at that moment. Asking ourselves, “Does this action, behavior, task, or item serve me now?” —is a great place to start.

Eliminating what no longer works for us is required for a successful transformation. I’ve simplified the process by asking myself, “Does this bring me joy?” If the answer is YES, I’ll make space for it in my home or life. I’m cutting ties to the old and making room for what empowers me to live my best life now.

Join me in making the necessary changes that empower you to grow today. Creating space for what brings you joy is a great place to start.

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