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What is the Number One Way to Shame a Woman?

Guest Post by Angela Witczak

Comparisons and Circuses; You Choose!

Women, Have you ever compared yourself to someone? Never? Well, you can stop reading. Goodbye now. Oh, wait, you have? I asked a question in the title, What is the Number One Way to Shame a Woman? Do you know it yet? Read on.

Ever think your Life is a Circus filled with non-stop chaos, tragedy, and heartache, all while having to juggle the kids, dinner, and a husband? Life can be a bit like that. But at the circus, we find a place to escape and also a place to enjoy ourselves!

How does one enjoy our life when it feels like a circus? We choose to enjoy it.

Who is Angela?

So, this is me, Angela Witczak, and I am an author, entrepreneur, circus aficionado, and one who embraces the brokenness in all of us. My purpose is to inspire and empower women to be the greatest version of themselves.

I’ve experienced the fun and the tragic side of life that is far-reaching: twice divorced, giving a child up for adoption, the murder of my younger brother, and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

Dang, right? But what is a circus without extremes, amazement, and entertainment? That’s why I wrote my first book:

You can check it out here.


Now, remember life is a circus, and And yet, we can choose to live or compare our life to a circus and others. There are all different types of people, acts, and entertainment. What happens when we compare our lives to others or our acts? We begin to Shame!

Its name is comparison! This is where the circus can get ugly. So I wrote a second book with 11 other amazing women called My Walk My Way.

My Walk My Way Is a journey of eleven women who discovered that their life was waiting for them as soon as they did things their way. After following the advice of the experts and gurus for much of their life, they still felt like failures. Each one finally decided to stop being perfect and forge their path!

If you are exhausted from doing things the “right way” and comparing yourself to others, we invite you to take a journey with these courageous women who decided that enough was enough. In these personal stories, you will hear how each has achieved amazing things by facing challenges one step at a time.

Walk alongside women who have:

  • Discovered how to build a business that is designed for them

  • Left abusive relationships with power and love

  • Found significance and purpose through tragedy and heartache

  • They used their voice to change their lives, families, and careers

It’s time for you to stand in your unique greatness. Stop comparing

yourself to others.

Instead, use this book to discover your beautiful design and build your life around that design.

Are you ready to stop doing life like everyone else’s way and make life your adventure?

Then this is the book for you! Oh, and by the way, we hit the number one release on Amazon!

Well, guys, that’s me in a nutshell. Oh, I forgot. One more thing, I live by the philosophy: if you find yourself saying,

"someone ought to do something about that,”

then take a look in the mirror because you are someone. And with that someone, you will find the how-to walk your way into the greatest show on earth--your life!

Check out the Podcast

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