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What People Miss About The Money Tree

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Guest Blog Post By Sunni Hearin

Hi! My name is Sunni Hearin and I have a question for you. How many of you have ever talked about or heard the quote, “if money grew on trees?” I’m sure millions of you have. What would you do if you walked past a Money Tree? What would you do? How would respond if you literally saw dollar bills hanging from a tree?

Would you praise God and thank the Lord? Would you harvest all that you could and quickly move on? Would you pick as much as you could to help others? Well, Let’s find out what people did with this very scenario.

In my new book, Live Selling Secrets, (publication date Jan 1, 2023) I wrote all about this amazing event that took place. About fifteen years ago, I saw one of the most powerful videos I'd ever seen. It was a video about how psychologists performed a social experiment called the money tree. The experiment's premise was to determine how many people would act when an opportunity was right before them.

The scientists clipped $20, $50, and even $100 bills to a medium-sized tree. Its branches hung down and were at face level with the pedestrians walking by on a sidewalk in a bustling city. Each bill had a little note attached to it that read, “Free Money.”

The scientists set up their video cameras and hid across the street, recording the interactions of everyone who walked past the money tree. They expected that most people who saw the money would take it. When, in fact, the results shocked them.

The result was a human behavior known as inattentional blindness or the fact that people fail to become aware of obstacles that have guided their behavior. It is the same phenomenon that occurs when you drive on a long trip and suddenly do not recall how you got there or anything about the trip.

Most did not even take the money. More importantly, they didn’t even see the cash at eye level. When they watched the replay of the video, they saw that most people walked right past the tree as if nothing was out of place.

The branch of the tree with the money was bent to hang over the path. All individuals had to move their heads to not walk into the branch. 97% of the observers managed to avoid this obstacle successfully. This observation supports the hypothesis that people can perform their tasks without paying attention.

Fascinating! This story blew my mind when I first heard about it. I have had many jobs and opportunities to try different things in life. It has been said that “what you do today will not be the ‘thing’ that you are doing seven years from now.”

Moreover, it was a testament to the fact that most people are blind to new opportunities and ways to make money. I swore to myself that I would keep an open mind if I ever saw a “money tree” or a new opportunity that was foreign to me at the time.

I can guarantee that if you were to go back nine years to my 40-year-old self and say, “Hey, you will find a selling system that works, and you will help your clients make over $500,000 (and climbing!) in under 24 months and change the lives of everyone you touch.”

I would be the first person to roll my eyes at you and do a “YEAH, RIGHT!” But the bigger question is, “What will YOU do when you see a money tree?” Will you go “all in” and trust the process, or will you be one of the hundreds of people who walk on by?

You are ready for a change if you have picked up this book. You are prepared for something different, and you are drawn to new opportunities and new ways of thinking. So, with that, “Ready, Set, Grow!”

Join me as I interview Sunni Hearin, on December 20th, 2022 at 6:30 pm MST, and we help you how to reach your audience with the products that you have created so that you can improve the lives of millions around you!



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