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Where Do Dreams Come From; Why Are They Important?

Guest Blog: Jan Alexander

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Why it’s crucial to follow your dreams?

Dreams are guides and directions in your life. What you do with that can shape the rest of your life. For me, my dream has led me to three amazing animals that have changed my life.

More Questions

Do you have a dream that feels totally out of your reach and that no one else seems to understand and everyone else seems to regard as a passing fancy? Is it a dream that you have no mentor for? Is it a dream that you eventually convince yourself is too unimportant, too expensive, too unwise, and maybe even too dangerous to pursue? Did you ultimately come to believe that it's [your dream is] impossible to achieve?

When I was in doubt about my own dream I would try to squash it, but that dream never let go of me. It kept rising up within me. Have you ever felt the same way about your dreams?


Ditto! Me Too! I’ve been there. My dream of having a horse was a childhood dream, so I have a warning for you. Do not let these fears become beliefs. Even if your dream is not my dream, here’s why.

My Dream

I was born with a horse dream, but in a big city without access to horses or horse people. I tried various ways to fulfill my dream—reading horse books, collecting horse statues, pasting horse pictures into scrapbooks, and watching TV Westerns.

But, instead of going away, my dream grew. Intermittent riding experiences whet my dream of owning my own horse. I briefly accomplished that in my 20s but soon gave it up for “practicality’s” sake. I thought the hurt would only be temporary, but it wasn’t. And none of my efforts to retry for a permanent relationship worked.

Breaking Free

Finally, in my mid-40s, a friend offered to sell me a wonderful horse. Even though I had finally married, finances still did not allow me. This experience was the final straw. I was angry at God—very, very angry. I thought that the way out of my pain was to give up my dream forever.

I met a new minister and told her how I felt. She understood and shared a powerful truth with me. It touched me to the core, and, in a very short time, changed my life for the better—in ways I had never imagined.

Twenty years have gone on since I broke free. I am still experiencing miracles and living my dream. My inspirational memoir, At Home on a Horse in the Woods, tells the story of my first three special horses.

Dreams Leading to Undiscovered Dreams

The third horse, Highlander, led me to the discovery of braided horsehair jewelry and the determination to braid a bracelet from his hair. There is so much to do in creating this jewelry—more than you know. It led me to years of research and connections I had no idea I would forge.

This dream led to the writing of Braiding Horsehair Jewelry: A Beginner’s Guide to fill the gap in the literature with a comprehensive, step-by-step, illustrated tutorial for other horse lovers interested in braiding a forever keepsake from their horse’s hair to celebrate the special bond they share. Women, especially, are deeply attached to their horses.

HORSE-HUMAN SPIRIT Facebook Community

Now that I am no longer stuck I am on a roll! This past year, 2022, I co-started the Facebook community called Horse-Human-Spirit with two other spiritual horse authors.

Our group serves as a landing place for others interested in exploring the spirituality of the horse-human relationship and will list books on the subject. I also wrote my first children’s book that will come out soon. I'm excited about all of these adventures and dreams that come true. This can happen to you!

Life Happens

Unfortunately, Highlander, Horse #3, and my wonderful trail horse for the past 20+ years passed right after Valentine’s Day. It took a while but I brought his ashes to a place that I knew Highlander would love and released them there—a returning home.

After all of the pain of losing my third horse, God immediately provided me with another miracle: Horse #4. She is a lovely mare to ride.

My 2023 goals are to get my children’s book illustrated and published. And two more books are beginning to germinate in my mind. Why is this happening? All because I am willing to live out my dreams. What are your dreams? I encourage you to pursue them and see where you will be in the next 20 years.

Where can I find Jan Alexander?


Facebook Community: Horse-Human-Spirit

JOIN US Tuesday, January 3, 2023, when I speak to Jan about her books, and what following a dream can do for you!



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