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Why a Book Funnel is Key to Your Success as an Author

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Are you a published author?

Did you spend countless hours writing, editing, and publishing your work? Did you make sure everything was perfect so the message and story deep inside you could be shared with the world?

Did you dream of the impact your book would have? The letters and emails you’d receive from people whose lives were changed by what you wrote only to be disappointed by minimal sales? Did you question why you wrote the book if only a few people were going to read it? If you weren’t going to be paid for your work?

Despite what some publishers promise, the odds of hitting the bestseller lists (without employing dishonest tactics) are extremely low. Far less than 0.0001%.

In fact, most authors only sell around 250 copies of their book in their entire lifetime! If most of your sales come from Amazon, you’re making about $2 - $4 per book. That translates to less than $1,000 total lifetime earnings!

Why do so many successful people continue to write and publish books if the outlook is so bleak?


It turns out they do.

Counting on Amazon to generate sales is like playing the lottery as a financial strategy. Every year, approximately 2 million new books are published. The odds of yours catching fire and selling a million copies is somewhere between slim and none.

Successful people don’t put their books on Amazon and hope to get lucky. Instead, they take control and create their own success.


Book funnels allow you to package additional products and services with a book. Now, when someone purchases the book, they’re also buying the related offerings. Instead of getting $2 - $4, you’re making $20 - $40 for each sale. Multiply this by a few thousand, and you’ve got something cooking!

Up until now, the secrets of how to use book funnels to create this type of success were tightly held by a few high-level marketers.

Who could blame them? Their books were being read all over the world, and they were being recognized as thought leaders. They sold tens of thousands of copies and made millions of dollars—all without ever hitting the New York Times or Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.


In my previous business, I helped aspiring authors turn their ideas into published books. While that was rewarding, virtually all our authors came to me with the same complaint - No one is buying my book!

Some of them had attempted book funnels on their own but weren’t having much success. After looking at what they built, I could see why. They were missing several key elements.

It wasn’t their fault. They simply didn’t understand how to:

  • Structure the pages, so they hit the psychological triggers that make people buy.

  • Write their copy, so people see immense value in their offer.

  • Create videos that connect with people emotionally and move them to action.

After being asked by countless authors for help, I decided to take action.


Most authors are great at sharing their knowledge and writing their stories, but they don’t like the technical aspects of building funnels.

So, I researched the best book funnels on planet earth. I studied everything they did and documented everything. Then I created simple plug ‘n play templates any author could follow to have success. All that’s needed is to follow the templates and fill the blanks with your content, stories, and images.

If you can follow directions, you can create a successful book funnel that generates sales every day. Best of all, it can work for any book: fiction, non-fiction, even children’s books!

If you want to learn how this can launch your career as an author, I’ve prepared a free training that explains everything. Just click the link below to get started, and I promise to show you a whole new world!

David Branderhorst Helping entrepreneurs and business owners Design, Launch and Scale their ideas into highly successful businesses. He built a seven-figure business, has been a CEO for over 11 years, married his wife Christiane Branderhorst, and is the dad of three amazing adults.


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