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by April Tribe Giauque, Nannette O'Neal, and Ivette Lee

What is faith? Who is God? Why are we here? What is our purpose? Why do good things happen to bad people? How come I’m suffering—I am trying to be good? And Finally, life just isn’t fair. So, why do you stay with your faith?

These are hard questions to work/journey through. Will everyone find answers that they are comfortable with? Will others find answers that shake their foundations? It’s possible. How many will love their neighbor/family member/child first and then love God? Why do you stay with your faith?

It’s the proper order of things to Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, and strength and then to love thy neighbor as thyself? Well, what happens when we get those two commandments out of order? There is a warning to seek ye first, the kingdom of Heaven, but if we don’t, what will happen? What will happen if you stay with your faith?

Will we abandon many of our core beliefs and testimonies because we are trying to love our son or daughter, friends, a movement/group, or spouse?

How many of you have loved ones, friends, neighbors, and even our online connections that seem to leave their faith and abandon many of their core beliefs because they couldn’t find answers fast enough or that seemed to satisfy their pain, suffering, or questions?

Now, I don't have all the answers. I am not telling you that I do. I know what Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have made known to me through the Holy Ghost’s power.

I only know that when I run up against hard sayings, unexplainable pain, or suffering, I don’t jump ship. If anything, I “hold fast!” I hold on tighter to my faith and belief that “God’s got this.” Maybe I’m not supposed to know “why” this or that happened. Maybe I just need to hold fast to what I know and doubt my doubts before I doubt my faith.

Beacon of Light Podcast is all about hope and light. Well, there's been something that I have been moved to do for about five months now. It is to share my faith and belief with all of you. I’m not doing it alone, either. I’ve invited two lovely amazing authors to join me in telling their stories and mine.

Nannette O’Neal and Ivette Lee are amazing people who have strong faith and conviction in their faith. We open this night for all of you to come and listen to what we believe and why we stay true to our faith.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022, is a night that is open for questions. It is a night to learn. It is a night of light, love, and hope. We will not debate who is right or wrong; we are there to invite the spirit in and to testify in love in humility about our faith.

We invite all to come and feel this love and light. Thank you, everyone, for the light, love, and support you have given Beacon of Light over the past 2.5 years. We have done over 124 interviews and broadcasts.

So on this 125th Beacon of Light Broadcast, we would share the light that fuels my Beacon of Light with the world. May your hearts be open to receive and your light be amplified.

Nannette O’Neal

She has had a long-time passion for the idea behind the Doorway series, stemming from her faith and her love of story. Her interests have always been strong in various creative endeavors, such as music, martial arts, science fiction, and fantasy.

Having studied music in college, she made a career of teaching and directing various ensembles in public and private fields for years. When she decided to tackle writing, she began an intense process of study and research in the craft through the use of textbooks, online tutorials, chat and critique groups, as well as various workshops, conferences, and retreats.

The Doorway series consists of seven novels about faith, courage, and the power within the human soul.

She regularly contributes to an inspirational column for a religious website,, and maintains her blog, Nanette O’Neal’s Doorway, found at

Feel free to subscribe to her blog posts and to like her author page, Nanette O’Neal, Author, on Facebook. Nanette loves her husband, family, faith, the mountains, aviation museums, Star Trek, and dogs.

Visit her site here:

Ivette Lee:

“Why I Stayed.”

1. It is simple. I know it is true. I've received my own witness of it.

2. I’ve had many personal experiences that led me to a stronger conviction of my faith and testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel.

3. My eyes are open, and I see and know the devil's tactics. I know how he works. I see and know how he confuses, how he puts doubt in our minds, how he stirs us up, and I avoid it at all cost.

4. I have made a choice, a commitment, and a covenant to obey and stay no matter the challenges or mountains I have climbed and will continue to face.

5. I stay because I choose God's word and understand it. I read it daily. I choose that side, rather than the philosophies of men or the worldly view and anything like unto it. That’s why I stay. “Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.” Author Unknown.

Ivette Lee is a Published Author with Author Academy Elite or AAE. She is a Special Needs Advocate, Consultant, and mother of two children. Ms. Lee has a degree in teaching and training in marriage and family therapy counseling.

Ms. Lee has a passion for human behavior and seeks to help others to have a positive outlook in life, no matter their struggle.

Her first published work on serial crime precedes decades of research into the life of serial killers. Ms. Lee has been corresponding and analyzing the serial killer's mind and acts of crime to find the answer we have all asked: are serial killers born or bred? The Satan Model: Exposing the Link Between Serial Killers and Satan explains this long over-due cause of evil.

Stay tuned for the upcoming second edition of the satan model, which will include pictures, details of crimes, profile cases, and more.

Ms. Lee has plans for publishing in other genres. Advocacy work and focus in the field of special needs is also a passion.

Visit her site here:

April Tribe Giauque

April Tribe Giauque is a published author, frequent media guest, podcaster, and amplifying speaker.

April is a Ghostwriter for hire and has penned several fiction and nonfiction books. Her true love is working with authors to write their healing stories. She helps them to tap into their trauma, abuse, and pain and find the hope and healing that helps millions.

April let go of perfection, pleasing, and performing, and instilled self-worth in others, making her a unique and inspirational voice for empowerment, no matter one’s age. Her unique experience as a survivor of domestic violence, childhood sexual molestation, and eating disorders connects millions to her message.

April knows that everyone has light within them and desires for all to become a Beacon of Light to the World. April lives in Twin Falls, Idaho, with her husband and nine children.

Connect with April at or or her blog

JOIN US LIVE at 6:30 pm Mountain on November 29, 2022, for a faith-filled night!



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