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Proud Mama Moments

Mommy Moments

As a mom, life can deliver many different challenges. As a family we learn how to work with the challenges, the differences, the talents, the gifts, and the humor of everyday life. I remember when in 2004, I was handed four diagnosis of my 6 family members to be diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. I remember just staring and being in shock. Nothing was clear and nothing was certain, other than the Autism Spectrum Disorders, but because of who I am, I think I sat and threw a fit for about an hour…and then I got up and started looking for programs, supports, helps, training, and answers.The supports, programs, helps, and training, helped us to make it…and we are making it with style.

Proud mother moment: Kellis and Isaac tried out for the school play and made it! The school put on a production of “The Music Man.” Kellis was cast as a member of the school board and as such he was a member of the barbershop quartet. This is Kellis’s second go of acting—he’s been bitten by the bug. When I watch him on stage, he knows the timing, the humor, the deliver, the voice, and the hard work of learning all the songs puts a smile on my face ear to ear! He is good at what he does and has fun doing it. He makes adjustments, finds ways to cope, and is great on the stage. Isaac was an extra in the train scene, a business man, and a member of the boy band. Now Isaac totally surprised me with his ability to make it to each scene, change of clothing, props, singing, DANCING, and facial expression. He is bitten by the bug as well. They did such a great job, and yes I am putting on my bragging rights.

Brags: Kellis has grown from an inward awkward kid, who wouldn’t look you in the eye, mope around the house, hated to try any new foods, and struggled with new things to someone who is mature, on time to events, responsible, and funny. Isaac is coming into his own as well. He is learning about intrinsic rewards and switching from outward rewards in some areas of his life. I think this is going to continue to take some time, but he is getting better with it. I think of all the hours of play practice and the hours he missed out with his friends by staying at the practice and not playing video games. He was able to play three different parts in the play and with some support, not forget his costume changes, props, and his dance moves. Isaac…DANCING with a girl…it was so wild. I was just giggling! I still am when I think of it.

As a mom you hope for the future for your kids. You hope and pray, and work, and hope and pray and work in a cycle that never ends…and I’m sure when they are adults, this cycle of hope and prayer will continue to be for the rest of my days. I’m just beginning to see that all these small and simple steps really can make progress on this long/short journey of life. Well, that’s about it today, small step, hard work and time can make all the difference. If I can anything to anyone, please keep up the work…it is worth it!

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